Sunday, September 12, 2010


More than one ex-boyfriend has called me an ice princess. I can't stand completely immersing myself in someone else's life, nor can I handle someone constantly calling me and wanting to see me every single day.

I considered myself an intelligent independent woman. The ad I posted online indicated that I wanted a life that was separate, but compatible. However, I made it clear: I didn't want to be neglected, and this wasn't an invitation for us to take each other for granted. I just didn't want to be smothered yo.

He was perfect on screen. Witty. Intelligent. Quirky. Sexually open.

He came over early on, took control, did things to my body I had never imagined, and had me constantly distracted with the thought of being with him. Riding him. Having him take me. Being his slave. Anything he wanted. I told him I was his toy to do with as he chose.

I brought him to my office - greeted him outside in a little dress and no panties as instructed. He fucked me a few different ways, and made us late to pick up my bff's husband while he took me one more time.

Even now? I want him. I want him at my door, not talking. Just naked. I want him to jerk my head back, slip his fingers in my panties and rub my clit. To want to rape him - to rip off his clothes, damage them as he's done to mine. To ride him until his eyes roll back and he's incoherent.

But the neglect? It was there. Oh it was there. To end up in this impossible situation where I can't ask him for time, or communication or sex. To be in some sort of undefined thing where I get absolutely nothing, but to feel like a burdensome pet that he offers a few scraps to when it's somewhat convenient for him.

Humiliating. The core of that word? Humility. I have learned to be humble. To know what it is to be absolutely nothing to someone. To have so little of their regard that they can't even be bothered to fuck me, when they know I'm perfectly willing.

And even worse? To know that I'm still willing. To be still wet and throbbing for him. To have the memory of what he's done to me. To imagine the potential of what we could have done. What we said we would do.

Nothing in life comes with a guarantee. But I feel cheated. Like I had this sensual gift dangled in front of me. Taunting me. Teasing me with it's tantalizing closeness. And then to have it taken away with no explanation, and such coldness.

To feel cheap and used voluntarily? Can be delicious. But this? To feel so utterly insignificant?

Now, I just feel thoroughly ashamed for allowing myself to feel this way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This and That and the Duchess's Voice

"Would you like a pillow?" I shook my head no, not thinking that my knees would be screaming in agony after about 5 minutes of kneeling in front of him on the hardwood floor.

I've mentioned before that I once upon a time I had a boyfriend compare me to another girl in the blowjob department, setting me on a quest to provide the ultimate experience in oral sexuality, hopefully preventing this recipient's mind from straying to other women.

I'm not often competitive, as I find it often leads to negativity and obsession, but in this case, I think it's a good thing. I'm performing a service after all.

As a result, I've been told that I give decent head. Occasionally it's even been assumed that I really enjoy doing it - which must be why I excel. Enjoy it? Maybe. It's gratifying to feel that kind of power in my hands/mouth. Especially when the man is vocal with his appreciation. Silence my dears? Is not golden in these scenarios.

But I don't love it and crave it the way some other women do. As previously mentioned, I sometimes view it as a gift that I'm oh-so-generously bestowing on the man in question. Often it's because sex is not on the table that night/day/lunch hour - why should the man suffer because I'm crampy/having a fat day/too sore from the night before?

I've noticed that men rarely have such compunctions. They will cheerfully drop their pants when asked - especially for head. Why should they hesitate - they don't have to do any work, and we (the women) are not asking to be gratified in any way?

I'm also neutral on receiving oral sex. I tend to be somewhat fussy, and if I don't feel 100% fresh/trimmed/comfortable it can just be distracting and I feel like I have to perform. It defeats the purpose of the man's efforts. Now that being said, I also receive the best, and frequently the fastest, orgasms from it. It's a dilemma to be sure.

Now this new man? He's been quite appreciative of my efforts- as mentioned in my last post, he's quite creative and open-minded. Although I'm sometimes concerned that our kinks don't entirely mesh, it's a challenge I'm cheerfully willing to work on though, as I suspect once we've ironed out the wrinkles, the results will be truly mind-blowing.

It's rare to meet someone so completely aware of their sexual needs and wants, yet not so selfish about them that they ignore what's going on with their partner. I tend to kind of zone out sometimes- not in a negative way, but in a losing-myself-in-the-sensations-of-my-body kind of way. I find it challenging to maintain focus and eye contact with my partner as I'm in the mist of coital bliss. This won't do with him however - he wants me to be with him the entire time. Focused eye contact, knowing that I'm sharing an experience with him. It's occasionally disconcerting, but gratifying and alluring as well. It forces me to be more present and aware of my partner. I hadn't thought of myself as a selfish lover before - I would cheerfully give up my orgasm for the sake of theirs - but this has given me a new perspective on the matter.

And the dirty talk and fantasizing? Oh my darlings - for someone who delights in writing dirty, it's an entirely different thing to walk the talk. (Talk the talk? Walk the walk? Talk the walk? What is the proper expression anyhow?). You'd think that the words would just flow out of me like the juices down my legs. That my needs and desires have just been begging to be heard - just waiting for a live audience to pay homage to my erotic expression.

Not so much. I occasionally find myself wondering how he'd react to a dirty email. I imagine he might enjoy it - however not as a replacement for the eroticism of the moment. He wants to hear my fantasies. He wants them described in delicious detail. He wants to know what I've done, what I've wished done to me, and what I plan to do with/to him and with others. It's intoxicating and terrifying.

Maybe I should practice in front of a mirror...

Monday, July 19, 2010


He yanked my hair back, forcing me to look into his eyes - a move that I will forever find arousing no matter what the circumstances - the harder and more abrupt the better. "Tell me you're my plaything. Tell me I can do whatever I want to you." As his hands explored my body, I found myself wanting exactly that - to give myself to him completely. To offer myself as a gift to be unwrapped, begging to be used and enjoyed. Used until I was spent. Used until there was nothing left of me to give.

He was like something I had created - occasionally disconcerting me with his words and actions. How could he so completely know what was in my head - was I that dull and predictable? Were my fantasies more prosaic than I thought? Or had I actually found someone so utterly in tune with my body and desires that he just seemed surreal?

I straddled him on my couch - he bit my neck and ground his straining cock against my increasingly wet pussy. Is there anything more intoxicating than to know you're responsible for that growing heat and hardness? I could feel him through the thin wisp of fabric - so many sensations at once made it a challenge to concentrate. His hands running down my ribs and back, his tongue in my mouth, then teeth on my nipples, all while he slowly rubbed his cock against me...

"Tell me your fantasies - what do you really want that you've never told anyone? That you never dreamed would actually be fulfilled?" I told him about my plush carpeted orgy fantasy, assuming that he would simply purr in my ear that it sounded hot, and resume his ministrations. This was a mildly risqué fantasy to share, but not so shocking that it couldn't be forgiven if he wasn't into it.

I underestimated him.

He wanted to join me in the fantasy. He wanted the lights kept on, with me blindfolded if I wished. He embellished and elaborated it a bit- making me less selfish, and the entire scenario more consuming. He wanted to watch as I sucked on one cock while being fucked by another. He wants to join in while I get used and taken by a variety of men. I could feel him get harder as we talked about it - his hands all over me as he described what would happen.

I realized that he was serious - he wasn't just role-playing or humoring me. My lusts made him as hot as they did me. It was a fine line we were walking, neither of us wanting to be a submissive, yet one of us had to give a little. My wish for a slave might be an indulgence that he would play at occasionally, but he was not one to be dominated. This was a man that I could tell my darkest carnal desires to. A man that wouldn't be shocked or turned off - indeed, the more I shared, the more he would give in return.

This was a man who knew what he wanted, and was more than happy to take me along on a sensual wanton ride. A man who would take me to the riverbank beside my condo and fuck me on the picnic table there. A man who would take me to a park, pin me against a tree and slam into me. A man who would come to my office after work, bend me over my desk and take me from behind. A man who would take me to the ballet, insisting I wear a dress with no panties, then fuck me in the car in the parking lot before going home. A man who will take me to a party, then pull me into a bedroom or even a corner and fuck me regardless of who might see us.

Is he for real? Sometimes I can't believe that I might actually be able to keep him long enough to have these fantasies and plans fulfilled. Men like this don't actually exist. Intelligent, creative, strong, sexy men with bodies that beg to be worshiped? I'm convinced that one day soon I'm going to wake up and realize that this all was, in fact, in my head. But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the ride...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

May I Seduce You - Group Post July 2010 Edition

No time this month my darlings to participate - but please check out the rest of the group writing on something deliciously "Off Limits..."

I'll be happy to join you next month when our regular hostess Kimberly is back...

Hope you're having a great summer!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Latex: In Photo Essay Format


Generally, that word brings condoms to mind. At least to me. I can't speak for all you dirty darlings.

However, once the sexy Nicole of sent me a super hot set of latex gloves and leggings - all my perceptions changed. The photo of the model looked fantastic - all slick and shiny and skin tight. Who wouldn't want to jump me when they see me squeaking across the room in these things?

But of course we need to bear in mind that the sexiness that the Duchess would like to exude, and the dorkiness that she actually possesses sometimes creates painfully hilarious conflicts.

Now there are a few things to bear in mind when considering latex (Rubba) clothing.

1. It doesn't generally arrive all slick and shiny like the photo. To get this effect, you'll want to grab some "Rubba Glow" as well. It's only $6.25 and really makes a big difference, as otherwise the product just looks kind of dull and almost...dusty.
2. It is not easy to get latex on. You're going to want to powder yourself up, or maybe oil?
3. I don't recommend this unless you are VERY confident in your body, and are relatively slim and hairless. Based on the challenges I had getting these products on, I wouldn't reccommend it for the faint of heart either.

And now? A pictorial journey of the Duchess's adventure with latex clothing:

So these are the gloves, and as you can see, I couldn't get them on all the way. I have little wee hands, so clearly I just didn't powder myself sufficiently.

Now for the leggings. Same difficulty as the gloves, so I really powdered myself. I was determined to make this work.


I love those shoes. Except when I trip in public in them. That's just embarassing.

Then came the task of getting the leggings off. I think that could be worked into foreplay right?
Cause I know my bff enjoyed herself when yanking those things off of me. I'm sure a date would too...

So what did I think of this overall?

I like the idea of latex. And they have a pretty good variety on the site...
But it's certainly something that you have to plan and prepare for. And it's certainly not something that you would add to just "spice things up a bit" - this is another level past the "vanilla with a wee bit o' chocolate."

But despite my difficulties with it, I kind of liked them. I would love to be able to strut around in them for a hot seduction night. I don't know about the teddies and what not though - I would definitely want to be 100% powdered and hairless and even thinner to try that.

Duchess rating: 2.5/5.

This sex toy review sponsored by Adult Sex Toys : over 8,000 sex toys and adult toys to choose from.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Opened His Eyes...

They knew each other distantly, and then discovered that they were neighbors. This opened up the opportunity for the occasional visit, which gradually grew more comfortable and frequent. They both had work, so often these visits would equate to no more than him bringing over his laptop and working beside her while she studied. Her office doubled as a guest room, so often this was done with both of them sprawled out on the spare bed.

It was quiet and serene, and soon he found himself drifting off into a doze. He opened his eyes with a start to discover that she too had curled up beside him to rest. Their bodies weren’t touching, but this was a technicality of mere inches.He gazed at her form beside him realizing that he had never really taken the time to appreciate it before. Her curves and skin were luminous, and he was shocked to see that she had a tattoo. He wondered what else was hidden in her depths and was struck with an impulse to explore her.

He hesitantly reached over and traced his finger down her arm, following a trail down her ribs, hips and thigh. It seemed he heard the softest of sighs escape her and was she suddenly a few millimeters closer to him? His hand grazed the back of her knee and it seemed that her back arched slightly, thrusting her pelvis even closer to him. His hands moved back up her leg, his thumb gently massaging the inside of her thigh.

Was she actually asleep? Her mouth opened slightly, but her breathing was still even. He wondered what form his caresses took in her dreams. Was he inside her head, or was some other man touching her? Still, she didn’t gasp awake in shock, slapping him for his presumption, so emboldened, he continued.

Perhaps this was a violation of trust. Perhaps this would be the end of their visits. But it seemed that she was tempting him. Teasing him with her body and her skin and her accessibility. He was prepared to deal with the consequences of his actions, no matter what form they took once she awoke.

A scant inch of skin was showing between her tank top and shorts. A tantalizing glimpse of her stomach just begging to be touched and licked. He grazed a tickling stroke before slipping his hand beneath her shirt. It was merely her abdomen – nothing that couldn’t be seen in public, but the fact that his hand was under her clothing, uninvited was so much more arousing...

He took a deep breath and lowered his hand. Beneath the waistband of her shorts. Slipping into her panties to touch her hot wet pussy. His other hand reached into his own pants to grip his straining cock. He could hear her breathing increase and knew that she was no longer asleep – though her eyes had yet to open. With this implicit permission, he no longer aimed for any kind of subtlety. He slipped fingers into her cunt and began to rub her clit.<

Without warning her tongue was in his mouth, and her hand was unzipping his pants. “Fuck me. Now.”
It was not a request.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

May I Seduce You - Group Post

Hello All,

The darling Kimberly has asked that I take on the group post for June and July, as she will be away for a good portion of it.

I don't have a list for all of you, so please email me at: if you want in!

Email me by Friday at noon with suggestions for topics and to let me know if you want to be included. I will send out the topic for the post that evening...

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gerard Butler and Little Black Panties

Has anyone seen this movie? I was relatively meh about it. Far too predictable for my taste, and the few funny moments didn't outweigh the mediocrity of it.

However, it did have one semi-amusing scene that highlighted the sex toy that the darling Nicole of sent me: the Berman Astrea Remote Control Vibrating Brief.

At first I was going to make a smart ass comment about her wearing black panties under a white dress- but then I realized that aside from it possibly just being a risque, fun thing to do - it was actually unintentional. So - moving on...

What did I think of this product?

Well first of all - let me say that there's no way that the men at that table wouldn't have heard the adult toy when it was on. It's is loud. So I can't really get on board with any advertising that implies that you can wear it out for some "subtle" or "discreet" stimulation. Not discreet by any stretch.

The panties themselves are relatively teeny - which is OK for some. And they're stretchy too - the site says that they would be comfortable for up to a women's size 10. I definitely wouldn't wear these for comfort if you're any larger than that. But who's wearing them for that anyhow, right?

Here are the website deets for this sex toy:
Berman Astrea Remote Control Vibrating Brief Details:
Remote control vibrating brief provides discreet hands-free stimulation. Designed in beautiful stretch lace, comfortable and sexy. Mini-remote stimulator is contoured, compact, and removable. Remote control has a 12 foot range, and allows you to receive hands-free stimulation. Stretch lace is comfortable, machine-washable, and will fit up to a women's size 10. Part of the Berman Center Intimate Accessories line. Products designed for women, by women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life.
Category:Sexy Panties
For Body Part:Clitoris
Vibration:Hi-tech, Vibrates, Wireless

Price: $68.15

So what did I think of this adult toy? (Gotta love the instructions to use these phrases and links...that's the last one, I promise!)

Well, as mentioned above- it's loud, and the panties are not going to be something that I pull out unless I'm in a dire laundry emergency.

I also had to do quite a bit of adjusting to make the vibrator hit my clit in the right spot. And I certainly had to contort a bit and hold the position to make sure it stayed there. Once it was on, it was pretty nice though. Subtle, but still good.

The remote is more subtle than what you saw in the clip though. It's small and black - not nearly as obnoxious as what they used in the film. It has one speed, and again - it's relatively low intensity.

It does come with a delightful lavender coloured bag to hold it all, so it's a pretty present if you're so inclined to give it to a girlfriend.

But overall? Meh. Much like the movie - I experienced it once, and don't really need to go back to it.

Duchess rating: 2 stars out of 5.

Why not check out Nicole on Twitter and Facebook? I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!
This sex toy review sponsored by Adult Sex Toys : over 8,000 sex toys and adult toys to choose from.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm a Sucker for Little Bows...

Normally I attempt to save lingerie reviews for HNT posts, but for some reason I was incapable of taking a photograph of myself in this chemise worth posting, so you get a stock shot of a model on a Saturday.

The darling Nancy of PinkCherry - one of my favourite sex toy suppliers sent me this darling little thing to strut around in. I do love Nancy - I want to take her out shopping and have indecent girly sleep-overs with her.

This adorable chemise is yet another from the Coquette line - they may be my new favourite outfitters. I have to confess, I do love the little blue bows. They add a nice splash of colour to the whole thing.

And this chemise? Super comfortable. You could actually sleep in this one with no problem at all - assuming that you don't have an audience who insists on tearing it off of you. Personally, I would want to get down and dirty still wearing it - that's the beauty of these things, isn't it? You can keep it on and still provide easy access.

This is one of those "one-size" chemises, and for me it fit fine. But again, it's mesh - so it won't hide all your sins. And I would choose any cute little panties to wear beneath it judiciously, another pair of black mesh to match would probably be the way to go.

My only complaint about this is that I had a hard time sorting out the breast adjustment (ah the joys of being a woman...). It didn't provide a lot of support, and while lack of coverage could be considered sexy, in this case I just found it to be a touch awkward.

I did love how it seemed to emphasize my ass though - the side slits and bows seemed placed just right for admiration of my legs and rear. I also think you would also do well wearing some lace stay-ups in this...

The chemise is ridiculously low-priced at $29.99, so I really see no reason to not buy it if you're in the market while shopping around for your other adult toy needs.

Overall? Super comfy, cute and shows off all the right things.
Duchess rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fetish and Cliche

Being a sex blogger exposed and introduces you to a vast array of lifestyles - some to be embraced with open arms, some to be intrigued with and some to avoid at all costs. It all depends on one's tastes and proclivities. The most beautiful thing I've found since I began this journey is how wonderfully accepting, nurturing and empowering this community is. I've met some people, both in person and on-screen that have literally changed my entire outlook on life.

And of course, not one of the people that I've gotten to know a bit better have failed to surprise me on closer inspection. What we portray online is a far cry from what we are in actuality. The sexual personas are only a certain facet of our beings. I know this.

So I must confess, the other day I was guilty of making some gross assumptions and generalizations in my head, and I deserve to be thoroughly punished for it. I refer of course to the Fetlife meet up that I "observed." Observed but didn't engage in. I spent $1.34 for a tea at Timmie's and sat a few tables away from the action. Close enough to observe, and hear a bit - but still removed and relatively unobtrusive.

I had recently joined Fetlife and was soon approached by a very polite man-child. We exchanged messages that day and he mentioned that there was to be a casual coffee that evening. I was surprised by the location, as well as how early it was scheduled for. Perhaps to give people the opportunity to hook up and spend an enjoyable several hours together afterwards? There was only one way to find out.

Of course, being female my first dilemma of course was: what do I wear? If this get together was at a darkly lit lounge I probably would have debated less - but a fluorescent coffee shop?? I chose the subtly sexy - a bustier with velvet jacket, tight jeans and stiletto boots.

I was ridiculous.

I saw people in fleeces and t-shirts and in clothes that I wear when sitting at home on my couch.

But let's go back a bit. I walked in and saw a large group of people sitting on one side of the place. In case no one has been in a Tim Horton's - they're not large. It was pretty obvious that this was the group. They all looked so...normal, with a wide range of ages. I felt like a girl playing dress up in my heels, lipstick and cleavage.

I saw the person who had invited me walk in, order, and then walk out. I was puzzled. He certainly looked like the person from the photograph...

I burnt my tongue on my tea and wondered what to do next. I felt particularly intrusive as I would glance their way, then write furiously in my journal (Aurore has seen and been amused by the journal - it comes with me everywhere I go...). I was annoyed that the two giggling girls behind me were foiling my attempts at eavesdropping.

One almost could mistake the group for an oddly located family gathering, except you could feel their anticipation as they kept glancing expectantly at the door. I felt that there should have been a "FetLife" sign posted, proclaiming that all were welcome. But I wasn't sure that all were welcome. It seemed to be a very insular group - not exactly issuing a welcoming vibe.

Ah, my inviter came back. Young looking. Possibly shy and insecure. Maybe now the party would get started? Possibly not. He sat in the least approachable corner available, surrounded by what seemed like dozens of people.

I began to console myself with the fact that I still had the anticipation of rolling up the rim to soothe me. Alas - "please try again."

On that note I chose to leave. Perhaps I would have approached them if anyone in the group particularly piqued my interest, but it simply didn't appear to be my scene. Shyness? Maybe. Snobbishness? Probably.

I laughed at myself on the way home for my own foolish assumptions about the evening. What did I expect?A bunch of goth-types making out and fondling each other in public? Women wearing PVC and stockings? Men in leather and dog collars?

Yes to all. And I confess, I was a bit disappointed with the mundane-ness of it all. I suspect I should try the fetish ball in June. That may be a bit more likely to fulfill my ridiculously clichéd expectations.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wondering what's up with me?

Quite frankly - so am I. I feel like I'm doing both everything and nothing all at once. I am just exhausted and restless and incapable of doing something as challenging as writing a real blog post. I'm sorry my darlings.

Here are a few tidbits to tide you over while I get my head on straight.

- My facebook account seems to be disabled. I guess they didn't love the "persona." I resent the implication that I'm not a "real" person, but I can see where they're coming from I suppose.

- Had an uncle call me sexy the other night. It did not make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Freaked me out really.

- I have two boxes of products to review. Including some latex gloves and leggings. I tried to put them on when they arrived. I should have video'd it. This could turn into a humour blog instead of a sex blog with many more episodes like that.

- I observed a Fetlife coffee the other week. I intend to post about it. I didn't actually participate. Aurore came just shy of calling me a loser for simply watching for a few minutes then leaving. She's probably right.

- Been a bit down lately. I can't tell you when the last time was that I had sex, or even a decent make-out session. This blog is not making me come out of my mousiness shell like I had hoped. I don't seem to be oozing the confidence like I should...

Will try to be more seductively fascinating soon...I owe you all...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Duchess Debbie

So the delicious Nicole of the Sex Toy site said she would send me some fantastic presents for my birthday, and on Friday, they all arrived.

As those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know (and if you're not friends with me - why not??) I spent my Friday evening with the seductively fantastic Ms. Bambi Woods - AKA "Debbie" of Debbie Does Dallas fame.

It struck me as crazy that I host an erotica blog, and do sex toy reviews, but had never seen this classic artifact of cinematic history. I mean it's Debbie. And she did Dallas. Although, in point of fact she doesn't. She doesn't actually make it to Dallas in the film - although it's implied...

I actually found this film to be surprisingly refreshing. Porn movies to me are associated with a few formulaic factors: bad music, unrealistically tight/hairless/uplifted women and essentially no storyline.

Debbie Does Dallas actually was different than that. This movie did in fact have a plot. It wasn't a complex plot by any means, but there was a storyline, and mild character development.

The plot? Debbie wins some sort of cheerleading competition and has to raise the money to get to Dallas to attend. The rest of her squad decides to raise money themselves to accompany her. They find making money to be a challenge, so they begin to sell themselves.

What pleasantly astonished me was the bodies shown in the film. These were real women's bodies. Their breasts moved and were shaped and sized like women's breasts actually do and are. They showed (OMG!) pubic hair! And the make-up? Like real women wear. It was simultaneously fascinating and grotesque. It's been so long (if ever) that I've seen women look like that on film that I was positively riveted to the screen.

Another interesting aspect of this, dare I say, old-fashioned way of filming a porn were the camera angles. Now I'm no cinematographer, but I know it's just not the way we do things anymore. They would choose an angle - often a very close up shot of a cock sliding in and out of a vagina and leave it there. This would go on for a few minutes. There was no possible way this was being faked let me tell you.

However, I will say - there is something to be said for how we do it now. It's mildly arousing to see a thrusting member, but to me, it's more stimulating to see some facial expressions to go along with it. To be in the moment with the couple. To just see genitals is a bit less personal and a touch harder to lose yourself in the fantasy.

But overall? I have to say I'm really glad I got this. I expected it to just be really cheesy and laughable, but it was definitely more than that. Debbie herself was really beautiful, and it was refreshing to see some real women.

One thing that did strike me about this film, is a seeming preoccupation with semen. I mean those girls really milked those guys dry, and left not a drop unlicked...Makes me wonder if my men have been feeling neglected in that area...

Now, was it a bit disturbing to see supposedly 16 year-old girls in the kind of situation that would now get most of the characters in the movie arrested? A little bit. I had to shake it off once or twice. I have heard that they re-did the film, and I do hope that they made them college cheerleaders instead.

But aside from that - I can certainly say that this film is better than a lot of what I've seen much more recently. Most porn movies are just a series of vignettes showing increasingly kinky scenarios. This, although definitely 70's, was a cut above that. Worth checking out for sure. I would recommend adding it to your personal collection without reservation.

Special thanks to Nicole - truly a goddess of the adult toy world for sending me so many fun presents! And if you're interested in finding out about Nicole's adult toy giveaways and deals, she told me to give a shout out to their twitter and facebook pages. And since she's lovely, why wouldn't I do that for her?

Duchess's rating: 4/5 O's.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Make Me

It's not hard to find someone to want you. To want you briefly. Selfishly. Unthinkingly.

And often that's fine. A temporary release. It will serve for the time.

But really? I want something more. Something longer. Something more sustaining.

No. I'm not talking about the big L here. I'm talking about sensuality. Seduction. The Big O even.

I want a man to make me quiver. To make me crave him non-stop. To make me his entire focus. Even just for a night.

A man with the eroticism, imagination and desire to care about what he does to my body.

A man with the ability to make me writhe in animalistic passion on the bed.

A man who'll make me grip him with lust simply by running his fingertips over my skin or his tongue over my lips.

A man who will make me moan with unashamed volume and release.

Is such a man out there? A man who can make me bend to his will?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Contest Results

Duchess Belinda DeSade

Create your badge

I would like to thank all you sexy people who helped me create my fabulous new facebook account. And I am also commanding all of you to friend me. You wouldn't want a Duchess to be lonely would you?

The winners of the contest?

Julietta wins the gift basket for her suggestion of "Duchess DeSade." Darling I need your address to send out the package...
And Asha.Marie wins a runner-up prize of an EdenFantasys gift cert for convincing me to include "Belinda" in the name.

Honourable mention goes to RedVinylKitty because I agree wholeheartedly that "DuchessofDoom" is in fact epic. Didn't quite set the right tone though my love, so unfortunately, I couldn't use it.

I really just did this contest on a whim as a way to unload some of my excess, and am delighted that I got so much response. It looks like only 15 comments, but many people gave me several options within each comment. I love it! This was the most fun I've had on this blog in a while. I had a really hard time choosing.

Now go friend me already!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


jealous, jealous again by Scott Church

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Twinkle and Slick

This is an entirely overdue post, and I would like to thank the kind folks over at Durex for their patience with me. Did you know they offered more than just condoms? Me neither!

They were kind enough to send me a few samples from their pick & licks line as well as a "Twinkle." Sadly, at the time I had someone all lined up to try them out on - but that fell through, and so I'm giving a bit more of a theoretical promotion/review instead.

First of all: the Twinkle...
A cock ring that vibrates for up to 20 minutes. How fun is that?! Can be worn with a condom, can be turned off and on. Kind of cool.

I imagine this is the sort of thing that can be enjoyed either alone, or with a partner. Not having a cock myself, I'm afraid I wouldn't know. Hmmm...perhaps one could slip it onto a dildo and use it? Must try that...
Or even better, maybe I should offer to ship it off to one of my lovely readers in my contest from my last post...

Then the fun came! They sent me a whole menu of items to choose from in their "pick & licks" line. A range of flavoured & textured & different sized condoms, as well as some lubes and massage oils. It was just like Christmas!

So I chose a range of each type of thing, and settled on a strawberry flavour. The flavour options were positively delicious: cherry, pina colada, orange, banana, strawberry and apple.

Now what to do with condoms when one is briefly sans partner? Well, this assignment of course forced me to use my imagination. I practiced my technique of putting a condom on a cock with my mouth on a variety of toys. Oh, and once those toys were properly sheathed? Well who needs lube? Off I went for some vibrating fun!

Now I do still have some condoms left over - so all I need now is someone to take advantage of them with me. Any takers?

Friday, April 9, 2010


So I've noticed that quite a few of you have facebook accounts for your online personas, so I thought I would do the same in order to better stalk you all.
Unfortunately, "The Duchess" or "Sexy Duchess" will not make it past the facebook police.

It seems I need an actual name.
I've always thought that my bar/fake name would be "Belinda" - so I considered going with that - but "Belinda Duchess"...well let's face it. That's a stupid name.

I've been thinking about doing a contest on here for a while. I have a lot of stuff that I want to give away - books, DVDs, lotions, toys that I haven't actually used etc. So I think this will be the vehicle for the contest.

Whomever chooses the name for me that I actually use will win a whole pack of stuff from me.
I'd like "Duchess" to be in there somewhere please. Leave it in the comments, twitter message me, email me - whatever you'd like...

So: contest begins now, and ends next Friday, April 16.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


One of my prouder moments- that I can fit into this bustier again with room to spare. I missed it so...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Prolific II

Continued from this post...

She sat within (very) clear view of the only decent-looking men in the room, revealing an indecent amount of cleavage and heels. She felt she needed a drink after the night she'd just had, so she stopped at the local pub on her way home.

After a few minutes of negotiation, she settled on a Cosmo with the waitress. Perhaps she would channel her inner Samantha with it, though in actuality she was craving the tea that she had left in her car from her just-aborted coffee date. However tea wasn't going to help her set the proper tone and get her head in the game.

Hockey on one side of her, European football on the other, she felt (as usual) painfully out of place. Though more than one she noticed one of the men at the other table glancing at her. He looked vaguely familiar - perhaps from an avatar photo on one of the plethora of websites she frequented.

She saw two old-school video games to her right - "Golden Tees" and "Big Buck Hunter." Very male. And more than a little hilarious with a pixellated moose shaking his antlers flirtatiously at her every few minutes. Possibly the most action she could expect to receive that night.

Why is it that all spots bars have such a love for bad 80's music? "Out of Touch" blared from the speakers. She was beginning to take it as a personal attack. Was she out of touch? What was she doing there anyhow?

She kept adjusting the jacket she wore over her bustier - surreptitiously showing more cleavage without trying to seem too obvious about it. Again, she felt like a fraud - who was she to think that she was the kind of woman who could transform herself into a seductress? The kind of women to compel a man to approach her through sheer force of will?

She felt like a girl merely play-acting. Aspiring to womanhood. Painfully transparent to even the most casual of onlookers.

She felt a ridiculous urge to keep track of the times the men at the other table glanced her way. Surely it had to happen by accident or pure happenstance occasionally. How many glances equated to an intentional "checking out"? Who could she ask? She didn't exactly advertise to her friends that she slutted herself up and frequented lounges as a social experiment.

An experiment to what end precisely? What did she hope to learn or accomplish? How to be sexy? How to find a man? She didn't need anyone to tell her that this wasn't really the optimal strategy for such an endeavour.

She suddenly remembered an idiotic reality show that she saw once training women on how to "date." Apparently it was an "alluring" move to delicately rub one's collarbone so...oh! One of the men at the other table did glance her way. Fascinating.

What makes a woman sexy? She strongly suspected that it almost entirely rested on confidence. A trait that she clearly did not possess in spades. She was also beginning to suspect that the glances in her direction were more likely focusing on the TV behind her.

"Human" now blaring...

Do men really care that much about breasts and cleavage, or is that just an urban legend? She imagined Freud would have a lot to say about it. Perhaps as a reflection of man's desire to return to the womb?

She rarely drank and found a few sips of her Cosmo had an affect. Not intoxicating yet, but certainly resulting in a feeling of...something. She wondered if it was horniness. A word she abhored, but under the circumstances it seemed rather apt.

Two young pups walked by, thoroughly dampening her heat. She found younger men completely unappealing. She preferred to be the neurotic one in a relationship, and younger men far too frequently claimed that role for themselves.

She wondered suddenly if the men found her pitiable. Not mysterious and intriguing because she sat alone writing, but rather pathetic and sad. Or maybe she was simply projecting her own insecurities onto them. Probably. But the doubt lingered, shaking her already tenuous grip on confidence and allure.

It was a neighbourhood pub, across from the last place she tried. Mores groups of the right kind of men came in than last time. Comforting. She may be able to try this place again. She felt safe close to hope - like she knew what to expect.

Spice Girls: Stop

The drink was meant to be a prop, but she found it was rapidly being depleted. Mysterious. Fortunate that she could walk home if need be.

She found herself paying more and more attention to the hockey game. Edmonton was playing Phoenix. Surely this was a sign that it was time to go. She'd been there nearly an hour - she felt she'd taken all she could from the experience. And at $8.00 a martini, she felt she'd made her contribution. Until next time...

Saturday, April 3, 2010


In just a few short days (the 12th to be exact) I will be 35.
For the love of the Goddess, please give me sex for my birthday. Please.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


He sat in front of me in class on Friday. Three hours to stare at nape of his neck and a bit of arm. It was a good arm. Young. Muscled. Hard. And the nape? Pinkish as if he'd been rubbing it, and tanned. He always had a slightly tousled look to him, as if he kept late hours. His hair permanently askew in a natural way.

He annoyed me the only other time he'd chosen the seat in front of me. He kept leaning further back into my space forcing me to retreat. Seemingly without care for the boundaries of those around him, he leaned practically into my books without regard for my thoughts on the matter. I kept pulling back my own table, childishly hoping it would throw him off balance so he would get the hint and keep a smaller bubble.

However, that instance forced me to notice him. He was silent in class - no regard for participation marks, he rarely joined in with discussions, though I could see him listening to what others' had to say. He was definitely worth fantasizing about. Far too young for my sensibilities of course (I far prefer an older man) but a part of me wondered what he looked like without the baggy jeans and form-fitting shirts.

But Friday? He was inches away from me. Driving me to distraction. It was only by sheer effort of will and propriety that prevented me from stroking that naked nape. A nape just begging to be blown on and licked. A forearm that cried out to be stroked and fondled. Those tiny inches of skin far more alluring than any more obvious show of nudity could ever be.

He still invaded into my space to the annoyance of my table mate. I found that I suddenly didn't mind. Yes, please, move further back. Come to me. Encroach on my boundaries. Let me run my fingers through your hair and kiss that neck.

I felt an absurd urge to suck on the neck and give it a hickey. Something I've never actually done as I find them to be ridiculously immature signs of sexual idiocy. As if one feels the need to show off one's - what? Sucking abilities? The fact that there is someone out there who is either willing to do the sucking, or allowing their precious flesh to be inscribed by your mouth? Silly.

And yet, I felt an insane craving to do precisely that. It amused me into my senses though, and I returned my focus to the class at hand.

But the lights went down and the professor put on a film. An educational one, but featuring moments in various popular films. And of course? Sex scenes. Proving a point of course, but still titillating.

He was angled in front of me so I could see his lap. As Demi Moore straddled Michael Douglas I glanced down at his crotch. Damn baggy jeans. Was he aroused? Indifferent? Paying attention at all? What would I feel if I reached over to check?

An outraged jump of shock no doubt. And possibly a failing grade and a polite request to rescind my acceptance from this Fall's Masters program.

Le sigh. Probably best that I kept my hands to myself. Though the sight of that neck came up again a few hours later as I gave myself permission to touch my own body. Imagining all the things I would like to be doing with that unsuspecting student.

I wonder what his tongue is like? Would he stimulate my cunt with quick little kitty licks? With hard thrusting motions? Would he spell out the alphabet on my clit as they advise in the movies?

Would he remain perpetually silent as I bent over one of those tables and he thrust into me? Or would that be the enticement he needed to break through that laconic exterior?

Only two more classes. Let's hope that blonde girl who normally sits in front of me comes late for the next couple days.

ELust #10

HNT Courtesy of Babe Lincoln

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Negotiation - Not Nearly As Awkward As Having a Breakdown in Public - All the worries about getting to know a new person (“Am I dressed ok? Are they gonna like my stories about my grandma?”) get exaggerated when you’re talking about sex and desire...

Dollar Store Domme - He definitely can't elude the dollops of toothpaste I dab onto his nipples. It takes a delicious second before he feels the cool burn penetrate his flesh. By that time I'm already up and selecting a plastic spatula from the credenza.

The Best of Both Worlds or Lost in Limbo? - Whether intentional or unthinking, bisexual denial is a frustrating thing for bisexual, pansexual or ‘fluid’ people to have to deal with.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Navigating Genderqueer in Suburbia - But pray tell how do the rest of us navigate it? How the hell am I supposed to know if you identify as male or just like dressing like one?

~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

The Daddy Issue: Sexualizing Abuse - I needed to walk through this fear, and turn it into pleasure. I needed to prove to myself that he hadn’t broken me. That he hadn’t changed who I was to become. That I was not affected by what he did. That he didn’t abuse me.

See also: Pleasurists #69 and #70 for all your sex toy review needs.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Em & Lo and Being a Sexpert

Sex: How to Do Everything!

Several weeks ago I was asked if I would be interested in checking out this DVD series and talking about it a bit. I'm always up for a bit of education, so I agreed to give it a try. I expected something along the lines of what I've reviewed before in the Nina Hartley series and was pleasantly surprised with what I received.

This series was originally shown on British television and shows the "relationship experts" Em & Lo doing a series on Sex. (I confess, I've never heard of them, but they were fun. I want to spend a day shopping, dancing and having a slumber party with them now).

There are 10 episodes on 3 DVDs featuring a range of "how to's"

Below is a mini clip of a bit of episode one on oral. This woman showing the girls techniques is le fab. She instructed them on how to do this sassy little crawl/slink up the victim man straddle him and put a condom on him with your mouth. You bet your ass I'm going to practice that one on my vibes/dildos until I'm expert at it. It was totally hot and mesmerizing.

Each episode covers a range of techniques, interviews, a fun "confession booth" bit and roving reporters who try out a range of toys and workshops etc and give honest feedback. It's actually a really well-rounded and fascinating series. But the best part? It's fun and light. It doesn't get preachy or heavy, nor does it get too "sexy" or unrealistic. It's just real people talking about all aspects of sex.

One thing I learned? Apparently it is possible for men to give themselves blow jobs. Until they actually showed a real live guy doing it, I never would have believed anyone could be that flexible. Take up some yoga guys - you CAN do it!

Here's a run down of the episodes:

1. Oral
2. Manual
3. Orgasm
4. Sex Toys
5. Intercourse
6. Kinky
7. Fantasy
8. Anal
9. Seduction
10. Best of

There was an awesome section that showed an artist who does vagina casting. I was amazed at the range and beauty of them all. I have to confess, though I've even been to "The Vagina Monologues" I've never really thought about them that way. They truly are all unique and it's a fascinating project.

I would definitely say that this is worth the investment if you're curious about any aspect of sexuality. For the sake of getting this review done expeditiously (it's already been weeks!) I confess I haven't seen every episode yet. But this is one that I definitely want to finish - it's really been a great ride.
Duchess Rating: 4 stars.
If you're interested in picking it up, it's $35.98 and you can click on the image above.

Friday, March 12, 2010


via ModelMayhem

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