Friday, October 16, 2009

Caught Looking.

I worked in a terrible area of town. It's ridiculous when you can actually point to your customers and say "he's a pimp" "he's a drug dealer" "I think he might be a hitman because he told me he was a 'cleaner' once..."

The customers were lewd and noisy and often drunk. I just kept my head down, tried to be friendly to those who weren't offensive to me that day and got through it the best way I could.

They asked me out. A lot. Or they asked about my boyfriend. My sex life. One even offered to make me his "kept woman." Anything to make me uncomfortable. I was young and shy and didn't know how to handle this little slice of my reality.

Sometimes they got angry and threatening. Once a guy went for my throat. Once a guy told me he would be waiting for me at the end of my shift because "you have to leave sometime."

There was one guy named "Carrot." No, that's not a blog code name. That's actually what I knew him as. Perhaps his birth certificate had something even worse on it. Like Parsnip. I don't know.

Carrot was moody. He could be cheerful and laughing one day. Another day he would be profane and abusive. One day he swore at me so much I said that I wouldn't serve him anymore and he would have to take his business elsewhere. I was the only one working, he had no choice but to leave.

But other times Carrot would make suggestive comments to me. Ask me out. Talk about sex.

Then one day I happened to glance down. It wasn't voluntary, and I don't know why it happened. But glace down I did. Right at his crotch.

And he saw it. And I think it amused him.
No, I know it amused him. He immediately called me out on it. Asked me what I was doing staring at his cock.

I tried to play it off like I didn't know what he was talking about, and denied it of course.

But I knew it happened. And he knew it happened. And he and I both knew that the other knew it happened.

He would occasionally bring it up. Until the incident when I kicked him out. I guess after that we weren't "friends" anymore. And if we're not friends, then I don't deserve to be teased about staring at his package.

Yeah, that job sucked. And not in a good way. And the package? Didn't even seem like it was worth staring at.

And the thought just occurred to me that maybe "Carrot" was supposed to be phallic. Hmm.

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Ms Scarlett said...

The question is.... was it a baby carrot, or one of those monstrously large garden carrots?

Great post Duchess! XO

Aurore said...

I've been busted glancing at a carrot or two myself ;)

Topaz said...

LOL @ Cleaner!!!
I love this post. We expect men to get caught (actually, most don't make any bones about looking, do they?) but it is something else when we women get caught! And we rarely admit to it, but it happens! I would be just like you and deny :-)

It is a shame carrot wasn't worth it, but it makes you appreciate the ones that are ;-)

Enjoyed your post so much! It was so colourful...

Gray said...

That is funny, I don't think I've been busted yet looking. Carrot, that makes me laugh. Great post!

The Panserbjørne said...

This is probably the best "Caught" post I've seen yet. I shouldn't be laughing at you for what was undoubtedly a very unpleasant situation, but I can't help laughing all the same. Thanks for sharing!

-- PB

Anonymous said...

What a great story. Thanks for sharing it. Hoping (and assuming) you got out of that job unscathed.

Anonymous said...

Mmm yummy picture. It's very common for men to be caught looking, I think usually girls are a bit more subtle - although maybe guys totally know when we are looking!

---Amy xxxx

Petal said...

Thanks for sharing this is it men do indeed get away with blatantly staring at our tits but we always seem to have to be more subtle when we look at their umm 'carrot'?

Hubman said...

So you're saying it was a baby carrot? hehe...

autumn said...

interesting. i'm with ms scarlett. inquiring minds want to know. you did say it wasn't anything really worth staring at, so that's probably a proper indication. sucks to work in an area like that. i've been there a time or two as well.

Indigo said...

I have to say your blog is very interesting, I am a cleaner!! But I can't shoot to save my life..

Kimberly said...

So ackward! I have been caught in that way a couple of times myself...

Great post!