Friday, April 9, 2010


So I've noticed that quite a few of you have facebook accounts for your online personas, so I thought I would do the same in order to better stalk you all.
Unfortunately, "The Duchess" or "Sexy Duchess" will not make it past the facebook police.

It seems I need an actual name.
I've always thought that my bar/fake name would be "Belinda" - so I considered going with that - but "Belinda Duchess"...well let's face it. That's a stupid name.

I've been thinking about doing a contest on here for a while. I have a lot of stuff that I want to give away - books, DVDs, lotions, toys that I haven't actually used etc. So I think this will be the vehicle for the contest.

Whomever chooses the name for me that I actually use will win a whole pack of stuff from me.
I'd like "Duchess" to be in there somewhere please. Leave it in the comments, twitter message me, email me - whatever you'd like...

So: contest begins now, and ends next Friday, April 16.


Hubman said...

I've noticed a number of bloggers who are on Facebook as well. For me, Facebook is pure vanilla and I just couldn't handle 2 Facebook accounts, I'd fuck it up eventually. And that wouldn't be good...

Sorry, I've got nothing for names suggestions. I couldn't even come up with Hubman, my wife had to do that for me!

Black Pearl said...

DuchessWannaPlay like Don't cha wanna play


hornynecouple said...

how about

Duchess Peacock Or Duchess Butterlfy?

hornynecouple said...

Duchess Ownsmen?

Topaz said...

HereComesTheDuchess - Spelling of each word is subjective


Juliettia said...

How about sum of the following...

Camilla Duchess
Duchess Cox
Duchess DeSade

Maggie said...




which translates to "Duchess of Delights"



which translates to Delicious Duchess (although I think for French, you would put the words in the opposite order...been years since I studied French).

Anonymous said...

I kind of think that


Is kind of epic. ;)

Splendwhore said...

1. Duchess Dolce
(Dolce is Italian & means sweet, lovely, or charming)

2. My Darling DUchess

3. Deep-Throat Duchess

4. My Daring Duchess

5. Lovely Lustful Duchess

I hope you like one of them! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Duchess De Light


Delightful Duchess


Daring Duchess


The DoMeDuchess

The Dirty Duchess


jules said...

Duchess Deliciosa

Miss Cinnamon said...

Opalescent Duchess

asha.marie said...

How about : Hot Duchess Belinda

Its simple and it has Duchess and your "Fake" name Belinda

Splendwhore said...

Ooh, I thought of some more.

Drop-Dead Duchess

Dominatrix Duchess

Dominant Duchess

Duchess Derriere

Gardenvy said...

I've always loved the names:

Elvia (a name from my family's history)

all would sound mysterious and lovely with a surname of Duchess.
Charlotte Duchess
Sophia Duchess
Elvia Duchess

Something along those lines, makes for rather fetching name don't you think?

or you can go with:

Dutchless Duchess

Meaning you never pay for your own dinner, and are always a treat!