Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Day...

I wanted him.

I'd never met him, but we'd chatted enough online to arouse me intellectually.

He told me he wanted to fuck me. He asked what would happen if the second we met he found the urge to bend me over and pound it into me.
I was fine with that. I was fine with anything he wanted to do with me.

I know you're supposed to meet somewhere neutral first - get to know each other. But I was OK with the idea of fucking him the day we met. The moment we met.

I envisioned greeting him with my tongue in his mouth and my hand down his pants. Sliding my body slowly down his to unbutton his pants and suck on his cock. I wanted him to drag me back up by the hair, slam me against the wall and thrust into me before we'd even taken our jackets off.

His place. Mine. I didn't care.

But when would that day come?

First I was to go to his place - later at night after his child was asleep. But he got sick, and I was delayed, so we postponed it.

Then we were to meet last weekend, go to a Sex Show, have a couple drinks and then I would do my Duchessy best to get his clothes off. In the car. At a nearby hotel. I didn't care where.

Then this weekend, he saw my facebook plea asking for a favour. He offered to pick me up and take me. A five minute favour that would inevitably lead to me bringing him back to my place and worshiping his cock.

I wanted it. I dreamed of it. I was driven to distraction by it.
But when would that day come? He failed to call yesterday, which technically would be his third strike.

I didn't care. Though a part of me knows that he's a player, who cares when all I want to do is fuck him? It's a fine line. A player he may be, with a dirty streak as well - but also with delicate sensibilities.

He doesn't know what to do with a naughty text message telling him what I'm doing to myself at that moment. He's told me that he's rejected women that he's deemed too "dirty." So telling him that he doesn't need to lie and play games, just come over and get naked seems a bit too bawdy for his tastes.

His last chance is this Wednesday. Today by the time this posts.
By an odd serendipitous congruence of events, I happen to be staying at a hotel that night. He has one opportunity to present himself before I find myself a new victim.

Will today be the day?

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Aurore said...

What's wrong with men? They want you to be all slutty but heaven forbid you actually be forward about your needs...idiots.

Well if he has any sense at all, you will get your chance.

MzTrySexual said...

OOOOOH, I hope you get your prey! If not I'm sure there will be another willing subject somewhere in the wings!;)

The Panserbjørne said...

Good lord, what the hell is the matter with this guy? He has the opportunity to get himself some Duchess-lovin' and he's....not following through?

Seduction FAIL! How very sad. I hope for your sake that he finally comes through.

Do me a favor and add me to the list of participants? For some reason Kimberly left me off the list.

-- PB

Gray said...

Hmmm I am going to hope this guy got his act together. If not, definitely move on to another. You are deserve so much better!:)

2cute4u said...

If he doesn't make it today, pretty please,dump him.. he's a laid back hypocrite for suggesting you're slutty cause you were forward with your feelings..

Ms Scarlett said...

Hmmm... sounds like all bark and no bite to me!!

Time for a new victim!


Petal said...

Well I hope it worked out for you!

Advizor said...

A new victim? Interesting choice of words. Most guys I know are idiots, that's why I like women, but this guy takes the cake. He's an "all bark and no bite hypocrite" to agree with to previous posters.

But remember, most men are idiots, but we are also chickens. We are afraid of our own bravado, of living up to the hype, of only being able to cum once when you are ready for more.

We fear you because we don't want to fail you. Be nice to the guy, but if he strikes out this time, move on.

Fantasia Lillith said...

victim?? he's no victim lucky bastard - to be the focus of your sexual carnal desires!

Topaz said...

Men want a whore in the bedroom but a lady in the street. If he only knew he had a duchess waiting for him... but how exciting! I'm wondering by this time what has happened...

Anonymous said...

That's why I have given up on men...and am just sticking to my toys...But, I'm going "green" for the sake of the environment!

So, I need one of these stat!

Ronjazz said...

Okay...I HAVE to say something here.

First...honey, your sexy never left, as far as I'm concerned.

Next...Sometimes I am absolutely embarrassed to be a man. An erotic, charged, lustful, sexy woman like you is laying it all out there for him, and he hesitates??? Just because you are being strong about what you want. My dear Duchess, you need to knock on MY door. Only once. Offering yourself in any way you like. I'll gladly take charge and give you what you soon as I take what I want!

You hang in there. Do NOT give this kind of man any more credence than you need to, honey. You have much too much to offer.

Anonymous said...

I hope it worked out - and then you smack him around a bit for being a dumb ass... It shouldn't have to be so difficult, ya know??


1manview said...

You know, not all men are brave under fire...

Anonymous said...

I agree I want you to be slutty and also tell me your needs