Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a meeting this week, he and I. Plus a few others who only served as an annoying distraction. I found myself struggling not to stare. At his lips. His hands. His torso.

He was in a state of delirious distraction - allowing me more time to sneak surreptitious glances in his direction. He's had a challenging few months, the entire time I've known him really. It seems unfathomable that our time together has been so brief. Thoughts of him intrude my waking hours, making our time together seem endless.

His composure amidst all that work has thrown at him is admirable, and brings out an oddly erotic response in me. I want to wrap my arms around him, and lean his head against my breast. And there, of course, is where my desire to comfort ends, and more selfish desires begin.

Rarely have I fantasized about sex at work - yet with him the two concepts are inextricable. Images of late night meetings in his office...a longing glance...leading to a less-than-innocent massage...resulting in me kneeling before him and sucking away all of his cares.

Most of my infatuations are fleeting - gone and incomprehensible when remembered later. But this one is driving me to distraction. His exquisite body seems to beg to be worshiped and adored, and I am more than willing to do so.

I want to hike up my skirt and straddle him in his desk chair. To lick his neck and nibble on his earlobe as I unbutton his shirt. To rake my nails down his chest and feel his growing erection pressing up against the flimsy silk of my moistening panties. To feel his hands run up against my thighs, under my skirt and slip in between my legs. Forcing me to stand up and remove my underwear - unzipping his pants, releasing his hard upright cock to play with as I choose.

I want to stare into his eyes as I position myself over him. To see that moment of pleasure as I lower myself - my hot wet cunt squeezing his cock and riding it hard. His hands gripping my hips and ass for balance as I thrust up and down. Relentless and taking exactly what I want from him.

Surely lusting after him for this long deserves some sort of reward - and nothing less than this selfish carnal rape will do for me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tongue Kissing, Photo Shoots and Pillow Fights

So guess who just booked a trip to meet the seductively fabulous Mlle Aurore?

That's right, for 3 glorious days after Christmas, her and I will be having pillow fights in our underwear, making out with each other and taking advantage of as many men as possible.

Look out Ontario - the Duchess and Aurore are taking over.

So - who's going to be in the area? 'Fess up fellow Canadians.
We want to meet you, make out with you, and take naughty photos with you.

Who's in?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pleasurists #55


pull by aeric meredith goujon

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Looking for something other than reviews?

The latest (and first) edition! e[lust] #1

Editor’s Pick

  • LELO Elise by Scintillectual

  • Remember when I said I was on hiatus from relationships? Well, I lied. I know, I know! I can hear my friends railing now about the fact that I jump into things too quickly and yes, she has already moved in with me. But, really, I do think she’s THE ONE. Before you get all hot and bothered, let me introduce you. Dear reader, this is LELO Elise.

    Note: Apparently I’m loving LELO reviews again this month (last week’s EP was LELO Ella)! I’ve read many many Elise reviews so they have to be special in order for them to catch my eye or make me want to finish them, and this one is written in an extremely entertaining manner so even if you’re burned out on LELO reviews like I thought I was it’s definitely worth the read.


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Monday, November 23, 2009


The vast majority of my posts are either highly polished and edited, or throw-away reviews. It's very rare that I just open up the program and begin writing - but that's what you have here this evening. I occasionally feel that no one who reads this blog actually knows who "The Duchess" is.

I understand that it's a persona that I've put on, and for the most part, people read a blog like this for the fantasy. But occasionally I wonder if anyone can actually feel any loyalty to, or relate with a person who never actually writes in their own voice.

So, this evening, you have a little bit of (topical) truth/confessions from the Duchess. Call it a stream of consciousness in bullet-form.

- I have never in fact kissed a girl. Sometimes I feel that I've missed out on something. And other times, I feel that kind of thought is simply generational. Did women my age 20 years ago lament their lack of intimacy with the opposite sex if they were not actually inclined that way?

- I find shaving my girly bits to be a pain in the ass. I mean seriously. Seriously. There's a LOT going on down there, and having a razor scraping at my pink parts is just not something that I think the Goddess intended. I resent men who demand (or to be honest, even request) it.

- I've only had a couple honest-to-goodness one-night-stands in my life. Planned encounters with internet men don't count in this scenario. For the most part, they were unsuccessful, since they were never with actual strangers. So someone always ended up getting hurt in the scenario. Annoying.

- I've never understood the pre-occupation with breast size. I've had men tell me that women all compare and compete with each other. I was confused about this, and mentioned that I never had. The response? "That's because you've never been in a position to lose Duchess." Oh. Yeah. I have a rack. I could cheerfully lose a couple of cup sizes and be perfectly content. I mean once you get bigger than a B or C - what's the point? Really you just want to fill out a sweater nicely, right?

- I really struggle with my two personae - the Princess vs the Duchess. I over-compensate when dressing for work, out of fear of looking too provocative - so I often borderline on mousy. I want a man to seduce me with words and actions - but know myself well enough to wonder if I would ever really allow it in a spontaneous organic way. The Princessy control-freak in me really takes away the fun sometimes.

- Many of the men I've written about on here truly do exist - but I genuinely have no idea what to do about the ones I touch myself for in secret. I'm in awe of all the blogs I read where you phenomenal women seduce men seemingly effortlessly. I would kill for that kind of confidence.

Alright, that's enough confession for one night.
I would love to hear your own confessions in the comments...

Friday, November 20, 2009

What I Want You To Do To Me

"What do you like?"

So often I am asked this question while perusing the sex sites. Often I will send over a link to this post or that, but I've come to realize that such a gesture is asking them to read between the lines. To understand that I would never write about something that turns me off.

So perhaps now, a year into this blog, I should return to the basics. Just what is it that I really like? What in this world gets me truly hot and wet. What is it that YOU could do to immediately have me quivering and begging you to take me?

Well my darlings, here are some things that I would really like you to try.

When saying good night and walking me to my door, I want to be pressed up against the wall by your hard body. I want you to have no qualms about the fact that a neighbour might walk out of their suite, and simply shove your tongue into my mouth, and your hand up my skirt, fingering my clit. I want you to seduce me right there in the hallway - and just as I'm begging you to take me then and there, you open my door and take me on the floor of my foyer.

I want you to pin me down and ride me hard. I love to have my hair pulled and being bitten. Not quite so rough as to do permanent damage, but I'll definitely take hard and fast over sweet and romantic any day. I'm fine if you want to tie me up and blindfold me too - use my vulnerable body as your playground. I want you to grip my hips so hard as you're thrusting that I have bruises, and can barely walk the next day.

Use your lips and tongue and teeth all over me. I can make out with you for hours. Neck, nipples, earlobe - licking and nibbling everywhere.

Do you want to dress me up like a doll? Buy me some lingerie (have you noticed my wishlist in the sidebar there?) and I'll strut and pose for you. Gloves and feather boas. Bustiers and lacy stocking with backseams. I'll be a seductive package just tempting you to unwrap me.

I want you to worship and adore me. Being ordered about and made to gratify your needs at best needs to be reciprocal. I suspect that I lean more towards the dominant end of the spectrum.

Why don't you drizzle my body with honey or chocolate and lick it off of me? I don't mind if you use your teeth a bit - and please don't forget to spray a bit of cream on my nipples too.

Blindfold me - or I'll blindfold you. Why not bring some ice or feathers into the mix?

Yes that's right. It's not ALL about me and my body. There are some things I'd like to do to yours too.

I want to lick that curve down your pelvis to your cock and suck and lick until your eyes roll back in your head and you lose the capability for all coherent thought. I want to climb on top of you and clamp my cunt on your rock hard erection. I want to give it a fast relentless ride until we're covered in sweat and transported to a realm of erotic ecstasy.

And maybe, why don't you bring along a friend? I can handle having two men worship and pleasure me at once.

Did I leave anything out?
Any takers?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sex Party On!

The second item in my surprise package from Christina at was a DVD: Nina Hartley's Guide to the Ultimate Sex Party

Here are the deets from the website:
For all the party people in the house... Learn how to throw your own orgasmic get-together as Nina explains how to make the rules, choose the guests and create games that everyone can win. Nina demonstrates two sexy scenarios with her playful pals that can help bring this favorite fantasy to life! DVD features motion menus, bonus sex scene, a photo gallery, and trailers. Also included are an interview with Nina, behind-the scenes, and web info. Produced with Dolby Digital sound, this movie is 86 minutes long and features Byron Long, Alec Knight, TJ Hart, Chris Cannon, Sandra Romain, Adrianna Nicole, Vicky Vette, Mika Tan, and Evan Stone in addition to Nina Hartley. Let Nina guide you into the most Ultimate Sex Party ever! PRICE:$24.95

Now I have to say, I was surprised when I actually began watching this. I had never heard of Nina Hartley, and didn't know that she has done quite a series of instructional DVDs. Lovely.

I actually thought that I was just going to be watching some porn with a bunch of group sex. Not at all. Well...not only that anyhow.

She actually goes through the logistics of planning out a sex party with you. This is a topic I had never really put much thought into - mostly just in the realm of fantasy fodder - never actually considering what such a soiree would entail.

The Mediocre
I will say that the "instructional" part of the video was rather stilted. She had a friend with her, and they both kind of sounded like they were reading from cue cards. It wasn't a natural sounding conversation.

And the camera work? Well, it too could have been a bit more smooth. At times I found the changes/transitions to be a bit jarring.

The Instructions:
As for the content of the discussion? It gave some interesting insights into how a "sex party" could actually be put together.
She focussed a lot of safety: both physical (i.e. condoms, don't get too drunk, gloves, pre-testing for STDs etc) and emotional (be careful of past histories, compatibility, and respecting people's
She also got into mundane little details such as having towels there (sex is sweaty work!), refreshments, etc.

The Party:
She then put together two "parties."
The first was with her and 3 other men, and one woman. This was a more light-hearted, fun kind of event.
The second party was one man with 4 women. This was a much ranchier party, more intense.
The parties demonstrated how a group of 5 people could play with each other using a variety of toys, oral and penetration with no one feeling neglected.

Of course some of the positions they got into would be impossible unless you're a porn star. With some of them I could barely understand what all was happening. It was fun and sort of amazing to watch though.

All in all, I would say this was one of the more interesting products I've been given to review.
If you have any curiosity about "group" events, or if you're planning a party like this yourself, I say it's worth checking out.

Duchess rating: 3 stars out of 5

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Curve of his...

One of the best parts of being romantic, sentient beings is the fact that we have the option to choose what turns us on.

Each one of us gets aroused by different things, be they exotic fetishes, or simply by viewing a naked object.

This very fact means that all of us should have the option to find someone in life who finds us irresistible. There should always be something about us that someone in this world will respond to.

The harder challenge is finding and connecting with that person. Once you've covered that - well then what's stopping you from then living out your existence in a delicious state of sublime bliss?

I'm what you might call "curvy." And I've had my share of men who love women with a bit more substance to them. This is fine, I can appreciate a man who wants to worship every delectable part of me.

I, personally, don't have a specific body type that I must adhere to in order to get turned on. I can get aroused by a "curvy" man, or a slim one, or a super fit, cut one. It's more cerebral for me. The brain really is the most powerful erogenous zone.

But there is one part of a man that will turn me on within a millisecond. I don't know why it is, but just the sight of it gets me hot. All the men in the photos have this in common.

What is it? Let's see...
They're all topless.

Is it the pecs? The arms?

The bellybutton?

Washboard abs?

It's that curvy indent leading down beyond their pelvic bone. I have no idea what it's actually called. You know what I'm talking about? That line that leads down into their pants.

Just a glimpse of that curve. That indented line. Gets me wet. I can be thinking of nothing...taxes or groceries...yet if I catch sight of that curve, I can guarantee you that ALL I'm thinking about now, is sex. And getting that guy naked and violating me in any way he wants.

Just a glimmer of that curve can turn me into his slave. Thoughtless and willing. Agreeable to anything.

What IS it called?
I don't know. But I want it. And any cock attached to it.

Want to read about more curves? Why not visit the rest of our group for our monthly group event.

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And as always, our super sexy hostess:

Friday, November 13, 2009


Part 1
Part 2 of my co-written post...

The moment the door closes behind us I quickly slip my hands around her tiny waist rubbing my throbbing bulge against her perfect ass. Slowly sliding along her sides my hands hungrily grasp her firm breasts through her loose fitting blouse. My face buried in soft flowing hair she lay her head back against my shoulder as we grind our bodies together. I unhitch her bra through her blouse and pull her wet panties down to her ankles. She turns around to me after kicking her panties off smiling as she unbuttoned her blouse. I quickly threw my jacket and shirt to the chair while backing her towards the bed. While she pulled her blouse from her skirt I push her down to the bed running my tong up the inside of her thigh. She holds her breath as I hover over her moist patch slowly unleashing hot air between her soft shapely legs. I carefully work my way up to her neck to her waiting lips. Her arms and legs wrap around me as I grind my rock hard lump against her clit through my pants dry fucking her passionately. Her back arches as she begins to shudder, moaning softly. One small orgasm already and I hadn’t even gotten my pants off yet. She’d either been sexually starved or she was a nymphomaniac.

He certainly was eager- all over me once we stepped into the room. Didn’t even give me a chance to get my skirt off. But – I had to give him points for enthusiasm – and I do like a man who takes charge. I took off my skirt and worked on slowly, torturously removing his clothes as well. I could see him breathing hard, and growing increasingly impatient with my slow pace. Once he stood in front of me, I could see him proud and erect – and eager to resume his attentions. I pushed him down on the bed and wondered what he would do if I brought out the silk scarves from my bag. Only one way to find out…

"Relax and trust me," she says while pulling something from her bag. I lay back on the bed and she sits down next to me. I reach out for her but she pushes my hands back down to the bed saying close your eyes for me handsome. She drapes a dark silken scarf over my eyes and with another wrapped loosely around her hand slowly traced down my chest. I feel her hot breath as she lightly nibbles and kisses along my neck. Again I reach out to hold her and she gently returns my hands to the bed saying nothing. Her hair bathes my body as she moves down my chest. I clutch the sheets tightly as she continued to slowly move down wondering if I can hold back my growing passion from her erotically charged tease…

Since he seemed unable to keep his hands to himself, I tied them up too – leaving him lying there, blindfolded and helpless, and completely vulnerable to my whims. I lay my naked body next to his and took my time rubbing, tickling and licking him all over – occasionally running a bare leg or breast over him. He never knew from which direction the next moment of stimulation might come. He moaned and writhed, and arched his erect cock towards me wanting more than anything for me to focus my attentions there. Men are such simple creatures in some ways – always looking for the easiest route to the destination, while ignoring the delicious journey. However, I could see that he couldn’t last much longer, and I hadn’t had nearly enough worshipping of my own body done yet…

Now helplessly tangled in the web she’s spun around my tightly bound wrists. I feel her straddling my face and the smell of her sweet honey pot get stronger as she places her knees across my outstretched arms. I strain to see but will let my nose lead the way as I lift my head from the pillow trying to taste her sweet smell. She pushes my head back down with her moist curly patch, pinning my head against the pillow. I instantly plunge my tongue through heavens gate as she moans loudly bucking her hips on top of my blind folded face. Her hot sweet honey starts to trickle down my chin as she grinds her curly patch ever so slowly across my hungry wet tongue. Her hands move behind my head locking to her shuddering honey pot and she moans loudly again covering me with her orgasmic flavour. Coming back to her senses she leans back slapping my rock hard cock saying being in control is a turning on more and more. The brief slap of her hand across my bobbing penis was almost enough to set it off. I hear her giggling as she climbs off my face and my mind races contemplating what she might do with her newly captured prey next….

By then I was done teasing. I wanted him to pin me down and fuck me hard. I untied him and told him to take me. Hard. Fast. This wasn’t romance, it was merely a night. A moment in time. I lay on the bed – hot, throbbing and naked and pulled him atop me, writhing underneath him, slick with sweat. I rubbed my cunt against his cock, tempting him until he lost all self-control. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and plunged in hard and deep. I kept him at an unforgiving pace – I wasn’t looking for endurance, but for raw pumping. I arched my back and twisted my fingers into the sheets as he thrust into me- loud grunts and moans coming from both of us. There was no way the people in the room next to us could be ignorant, with our volume, and the slamming of the headboard into the wall.

My throbbing manhood works relentlessly in her hot slick pussy as my balls spank her perfect ass roughly. Quivering intensely she throws her head back into the pillow as she squirts her sweet honey, exploding into an orgasmic avalanche. I cover her mouth quickly to keep to wine glasses from breaking and the neighbours from ringing the front desk. I pull my rock hard tool from her dripping cunt and shove it into her panting mouth letting her taste herself.

Sated, I fell back on the bed and sighed with sublime release. We hadn’t even exchanged names, but it hardly mattered. He got himself dressed and slipped out silently. I wonder what his plans were supposed to have been for tonight?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silken Web

I was approached a few months ago to co-write a post with someone who had read my blog and followed me on twitter. And yes, I said months. It seems that co-writing something takes a lot more work than simply writing for myself. But finally, it's complete and ready for posting.

It's become quite lengthy, so I think I'll split it up into 2 posts. I've italicized his point of view/writing. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to femdomfantasy for his patience with me.

I saw him across the room and something about him struck me. Maybe it was the way he held himself, or a look in his eyes, it was hard to define. But I knew that I wanted him. To know him. To find out what turned him on, and how I could make him want me. Little did he know that he had become my next victim. Could I find a way to seduce him into making me his as well?

She’s beautiful; as I carefully watch her, my previous plans seem to fade away, lost or even forgotten completely. The world feels surreal to me somehow; it feels like everything that happened in my life was preparing me for this timeless moment. But does she even notice me? Surly a women so breath-taking will be married or engaged at least. Her eyes enchant me, her smile warms me… but will I ever come to know her name? Craving her seductive stare I slowly pass by to see if her hungry eyes will follow.

I try to be subtle as he walks past. It seems that the gesture is done for my benefit, but I don’t want to look too eager. I look up at him from beneath lowered lashes and see him staring back. I tilt my head, indicating that he should sit next to me, and order myself a drink. I need to be open and uninhibited, and the wine warms and makes me more receptive to whatever he would have to offer. Not that the details mattered; I was willing to go along with whatever he might suggest…

Taking my cue from her friendly gesture I introduce myself and, greedily kiss her fragile hand. Gazing intently into her eyes she looks away for a brief second, offering me a drink while patting the seat beside her. Sitting at her side, I feel like the helpless prey entering her silken web - but what a seductive web she weaves. I order a fresh bottle of wine and we begin talking as if we were long lost friends. As I begin to feel the spirits from the wine and without any forethought, I place my hand lightly onto her tightly woven web while continuing to make passionate verbal love into her delicate ears. Will the vibrations from her curios prey trigger a quick and fatal attack or will she draw me closer into the heart of her seductive snare?

Hmmm, that was almost too simple. It seems that we both had rather the same intentions. Of course, once can’t anticipate how he might react to the reality of me already having a room available at the hotel. I’ve been disappointed so often to find that most men are simply all talk and no action. I leaned over to whisper my invitation in his ear; unable to resist the urge to simultaneously give it a nibble and run my hand along his inner thigh. And then I leaned back with barely concealed, bated breath to see what his response would be…

Her arousing proposal sends a powerful wave of lust and desire surging through my body! But was someone playing a joke on me? Could this really be happening? Perhaps I had just misunderstood the intentions of her whispers? The sign language I felt through her playful touch revealed her true desires, I hoped! I feel compelled to kiss her full red lips, to taste her long inviting neck! As she sits back in her seat, I turn and answer her question with a kiss. Surprised she tenses up but soon relaxes as I kiss her deep and passionately, disregarding our fellow patrons that quietly whispered as they glared at us. Our tongues mingled playfully, without concern for their prying jealous eyes. Without a sound I stand up and offered her my hand. Covering her mouth, she gasps then giggles as she notices the large lump she’d created in my trousers. With my arm still extended out to her, I cover the bulge in my pants with my other hand, smiling as her eyes return up to meet mine. “Your destiny awaits” I say, as I help her onto her high heels. Wrapping my arm around her slender waist, I hold her close to my side. She slips her hand into my back pocket rubbing her breast teasingly against my side as we make our way to the door. I’d called her bluff…but was she bluffing? Soon I would know as her hotel room is directly across the darkly lit street…

I led him across the street to the elegant hotel lobby. As soon as we were inside the elevator I decided to see just how agreeable he was. We were alone, so there was no immediate risk of getting caught – but of course the doors could open to another guest at any moment. I nibbled on his ear and rubbed the bulge between his legs through his pants. He moaned softly, but made no move to back away. However one floor later the doors opened to a young couple that seemed slightly tipsy. They eyed us up and down as I continued my attentions, which made me wonder if they might be interested in joining us. I wondered how shocked my partner would be if I made the offer….

Seemingly unaffected by the curious couple she continues to weave her silky web of seduction, easily manipulating her newly tangled toy. “I’m not letting go until I get what I need,” she whispers seductively into my ear as she squeezes my rigid cock through my pants. My rough hands eagerly roam around her sensuous curves fondling her firm breasts through her loose fitting blouse. My lips come close to hers and she can feel my breath on her sensitive skin as my hand disappears under her skirt. My fingers caress her inner thighs gently, just brushing her moist panties in passing with the faintest whisper of a touch. She writhes in anticipation of the sensation to come when suddenly the young man rudely clears his throat. She looks back at him as the doors to the elevator open…

It seems the drunken young lad was less aroused by the show we were putting on, and more annoyed. Perhaps out of jealousy that his date wasn’t offering the same attentions? The young girl was staring at us wide-eyed and intrigued, but it seemed that destiny was not leading us to know each other any more intimately. Perhaps for the best- as I probably shouldn’t divide my affections so early into my acquaintanceship with my current victim. The doors to the elevator opened and I simply led my conquest out the door – blowing a kiss at the young couple on my way out. I led him down the hall and opened the door- eager to see what his move would be once we got into the room. Would he be shy and hesitant, or rough and commanding?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Sex Bloggers List

First of all, thanks to my darling Aurore who pointed this out on her blog. I had totally missed this posting.

Over at Between My Sheets, this list was compiled, judged and posted. Why don't you check out these fabulous bloggers? Out of 150 nominated, I made it to #52 - I am positively wet and emotional over this. Because I was out of town for the vast majority of last week, I completely missed celebrating my one year blogiversary - so consider this my celebratory post. I can't think of a better way to commemorate one year of being with you all.

The Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2009:

  1. Coquitten (website)
  2. Alexa (website)
  3. AAG (website)
  4. Bad, Bad Girl (website)
  5. TBK (website)
  6. Mistress Matisse (website)
  7. Miss Mia (website)
  8. Thursday’s Child (website)
  9. Roger (website)
  10. Sinclair (website)
  11. Sylvanus…
  12. and Mina (website)
  13. Natt Nightly (website)
  14. Jake (website)
  15. Lyn (website)
  16. Adriana Ravenlust (website)
  17. Sexy Sadie (website)
  18. Shay (website)
  19. Lilly (website)
  20. Nadia (website)
  21. Joan Price (website)
  22. Madison (website)
  23. Anal Amy (website)
  24. Z (website)
  25. Essin Em (website)
  26. Easily Aroused (website)
  27. Blacksilk (website)
  28. Sleeping Dreamer (website)
  29. Melen…
  30. and rayne…
  31. and Master KKT…
  32. and cinnamon (website)
  33. That Toy Chick (website)
  34. Red (website)
  35. Tom Allen (website)
  36. Vix (website)
  37. Coy Pink (website)
  38. Lady Pandorah (website)
  39. BackseatBoohoo (website)
  40. Epiphora (website)
  41. Aurore (website)
  42. Miss KissThis (website)
  43. Storm (website)
  44. Ron Jazz (website)
  45. Josie Jacobs (website)
  46. Distracted (website)
  47. Deviant Dyke (website)
  48. Joanna Cake (website)
  49. Sapphire Jay (website)
  50. Sarah (website)
  51. Kimberly (website)
  52. Duchess (website)
  53. Figleaf (website)
  54. The Caged Songbird (website)
  55. Kaya (website)
  56. Ms. Justine (website)
  57. Luka (website)
  58. Ang (website)
  59. Perverted Negress (website)
  60. Harlot (website)
  61. Vixen (website)
  62. Anakan…
  63. and Padme (website)
  64. Wilhemina (website)
  65. Axe (website)
  66. Amber (website)
  67. Lucy Vonne (website)
  68. Rogue (website)
  69. SSS (website)
  70. Kyle (website)
  71. Amorous Rocker (website)
  72. Sera (website)
  73. Lolita Wolf (website)
  74. Elle (website)
  75. Scarlet St Syr (website)
  76. Charlotte Thorpe (website)
  77. An Unassuming Girl (website)
  78. Maymay (website)
  79. True Pleasure (website)
  80. Bad Influence Girl (website)
  81. Diva (website)
  82. Raven Quince (website)
  83. Autumn (website)
  84. Vanilla Impaired (website)
  85. Wil (website)
  86. Robin (website)
  87. Panthera Pardus (website)
  88. Ell (website)
  89. Miss Communication…
  90. and Captain Pants…
  91. and A.E. (website)
  92. Roxy (website)
  93. Secretly Naughty (website)
  94. Abby Williams (website)
  95. Subheart (website)
  96. Sequoia Redd (website)
  97. Innocent Loveboy (website)
  98. Liljgrrl…
  99. and Nawa*G (website)
  100. YOU! As always that last person on the list is you. Please, please, please leave a comment below promoting your own blog (or the blog of someone you love). Links are welcome, as long as they lead us to a sex-related blog, not a retail website or porn aggregation site.


My darling Christina over at sent me a surprise package the other day. It contained this delightful toy - and I have to say, Christina did not let me down...
The Absolutely Angelic Vibrator by Doc Johnson is an absolute treasure.

Crafted from non-toxic, material, the Absolutely Angelic is designed to pamper your most sensitive spots with heavenly vibrations. Small enough for discreet storage and powerful enough to satisfy, this compact 5 inch vibrator is made of non-toxic jelly material wrapped around a powerful bullet vibe connected to a generous 30 inch cord. Waterproof construction makes for wet or dry fun. Select one of 4 power levels on the LED controller and get ready for some out-of-this-world sensations, whether it's for vaginal pleasing or clitoral teasing. The 3 graduated pleasure bulbs also make this a unique anal tool for the nervous beginner. Requires 2 AA batteries not included.

For added pleasure and comfort always use with a water-based lubricant
PRICE: $27.17

Now normally when I receive a toy, I am expecting it, and have generally chosen to do the review. This came completely out of the blue, and to Christina I would like to say "thank you."

I don't have enough good things to say about this toy. It is essentially a clit stimulator, but honestly, even just placing it against myself with my panties still on got me wet. I can't even tell you what it is that makes it so great, yes there are 4 levels of vibe, but even the lowest level got me aroused!

There are 3, increasingly larger bulbs that can be used for thrusting a little bit, but for the most part, it's all about the clit. And cleaning? I'd recommend warm water and toy cleaner, or a very gentle soap.

Now to give a balanced review, I will attempt to say something negative:
It's not cordless.

Yes my darlings, that's all I've got. I may have a brand new favourite toy.
I like the look of this toy, and the price is reasonable, and it worked for me all three times without even breaking a sweat.

I've discovered actually that I am rather fond of toys that are not simply phallic-shaped. If you recall, my last so-called "favourite" toy wasn't a penis either.

I looked at reviews for the toy on other sites, and the worst review I saw was that it was "OK." The most were overwhelmingly positive. Not bad for such a small, and inexpensive little thing.

Duchess rating: 4.5 stars.
Go buy this. Seriously.