Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love Me Some Studs...

So I had another date with Drew this past week. OK, a few dates. Cause really, one night is just never enough with Drew. I mean, after all - he IS Mr. Eden Fantasys.

Now in case you'd never noticed around here, I really love my clit. I truly think it's the perfect organ, and am strongly considering creating some sort of ... something to worship it properly. But Drew? He pointed out to me that a proper Duchess has to be a bit more diverse. There are so many other parts of the body that deserve my attention and devotion.

Enter: the G-spot.

I confess, I haven't paid it nearly as much attention as it deserves. And for that, my darling G-Spot, I apologise.

So Drew, the Santa Claus of sex toys decided to help me out in that area. Enter: the Studded Tongue Twister. God, it even sounds hot doesn't it?

Now I can't tell you how excited I was to receive this product. It has both a G-spot stimulator, and a clit vibrator. AND a bunch of vibrating beads inside. Looks like paradise in one phallic-shaped toy.

The deets: needs double A batteries. Super easy to install- won't be necessary to break either a nail or a sweat to install them. Cause really - the sweating should come later, shouldn't it?

It has fun little studs all over it for some extra stimulation, and the rotating beads are in the centre part.

You can control both the rotating beads with one switch, and the clit vibrator with another. When you switch on the beads, you also get flashing lights.

The bad: The clit stimulator could have been a bit stronger. I was surprised that it didn't get me off as quickly as I'm accustomed to. But can I say again? Stop obsessing about the clit Duchess...

That's it. That's all the bad I have to say about this.

The good: once you're wet, this toy slips in nice and easy and gives your g-spot a really good time. I found myself being rather...vigorous with this toy - but that was more for the fun, than out of any specific need.

Like I said above, as usual, I tried this out a few times before I gave it a final verdict - and in general I thought it was really a good toy. A good size for me, and for my first G-spot vibe- I have absolutely no complaints.

And the lights? Hilarious.

Rating: 4 stars

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vignettes VII

Hello Lovelies.

It's been a deliciously busy week, and all I've had time for are a couple of product reviews. I have another one to do for next week- and then a couple of exquisitely hot give-aways! I'm really looking forward to those - it'll be nice to have the opportunity to actually give something back to you all!

A few housekeeping things to fill you in on:

  • Remember Jacques? Well I had sent him an email with links to those posts telling him that he was my muse, then didn't hear back from him. Disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Then a few weeks later he did respond. He thanked me for the thoughts, and indicated that he probably couldn't measure up to the fantasy. At least I'll give him points for being polite. He's adorable though, and the month of not hearing back essentially cured me of that crush. Who wants to be a more appreciative object for me?
  • Has everyone gone to show some love to my darling Mlle Aurore? She's been a bit under the weather lately. Go shower her with lust and affection...
  • I've been noticing an over abundance in traffic from Singapore lately. Although I don't seem to get any comments from said visitors. Hi all! I'm dying to know how you found me. Is anyone else noticing this trend?

  • Has anyone else ever noticed that this sort of writing tends to make everything around you ultra sexualized? Quick glances at photos look phallic, innuendos I never would have picked up on before. It's fantastic! Makes the day much more interesting.

  • Has anyone ever checked out Literotica or Lusty Library? Sites dedicated to erotic writing. If so, let me know what your usernames are - I would love to see your submissions.

  • Again, sorry for my scarcity of late. Things have been rather hectic with one of my extra-curriculars. Although it does mean that I get to see the man from this post a lot more often.
Talk soon my lovelies. Next week: some sexy give-aways, and a hot post about taking it from behind...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lady Calston Mini Tongue

I’ve mentioned before that I like tongues. Next to hands, there’s nothing that can get me hotter. And it seems that I’m on a constant quest to find the perfect specimen. One that knows the difference between making me hot and aroused or just making me bored.

Cause I get distracted and bored easily. It takes a lot to keep my interest piqued. But Tony over at SomethingSexy Planet Sex Toys seems to know just what I like. He has the tongue that not only is soft and firm, but one that can get me turned on and keep me there.

You see Tony introduced me to Lady Calston, and that lady has a fine tongue. I cannot express enough just how soft and amazing that tongue feels all over my pink parts. Whomever designed that thing sure knew what they were doing.

The product is blissfully quiet and does exactly what it claims. The tongue vibrates and rotates at 3 different speeds. It also includes an additional bullet that can be plugged into the base for some extra vibrating action. A nice little bonus.

And don’t get fooled by the name- this tongue is far from mini.

Now being the thorough little reviewer that I am, I like to try my sex toys out a few times before giving it any endorsement. I have to say, after three very intimate nights together, I definitely give it the Duchess kiss of approval. I really enjoyed this product, and have added it to my list of favourites.

My one recommendation though? When you buy this product, buy some lube to go along with it. Cause tongues? Are meant to be wet after all.

And personally? I wouldn’t count on using this for penetration. I found that it did best as a clit stimulator. But if you’ve read anything I’ve written here, you’ll notice that I am inordinately fond of my clit – so that suited me just fine. The more love and attention I can give it, the better.

Now go show Tony some love wouldja?

Duchess rating: 4 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kama Sutra...

So the darling and sexy Christina over at Tabu was kind enough to send me over a little hot reading the other day. And was it ever...inspiring...

Christina sent me the Kama Sutra Year Book and it was all kinds of fantastic. This little dry spell I'm in has just ended - because wow do I ever have some new positions I'd like to try out.

Now has all kinds of sex toys to peruse as well, but this book was just the kind of thing I needed to kick my imagination into high gear.

The Kama Sutra Year Book shows you 52 different sensual and sexual positions - a different one to try for each day of the year.

Now before you start thinking that I'm pimping out the porn, this is a different kind of book. It's more instructional. There are photos and written instructions showing you step-by-step how to engage in each position. And some of them are quite athletic.

It's also divided into different sections: intimate, passionate, energetic and tranquil. Some of the positions are more sweet and sensual - focussing more on couple "bonding." Whereas others are more strictly focussed on actual sex.

A note: the sex in this book is essentially vaginal, with a little bit of manual sprinkled in - no oral or anal. But all the same, it definitely gave me some ideas that I had never considered before.

A note: I am now dying to try the tiger spring (page 42).

And did you know that the woman on top position is actually called "Archimedes' screw."??
Me neither.

I don't have a lot negative to say about this book. Upon first skimming I thought that they were doing a lot of repeating of the same position under different names - but when examined more carefully, you'll realize that the purpose of each position is different and that there are subtle nuances to each that aren't immediately discernible if you're quickly flipping pages.

(Moral: you have to read and not just look at the photos)

This is definitely an awesome book to pick up if you're looking for a bit of variety in the bedroom, for a very decent price.

Duchess's rating: 4.5 stars

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was ready for him to arrive. I had been restless and tense with anticipation all day. As the time grew neared, my agitation and arousal became nearly unbearable. To prevent pouncing on him the second he stepped through the door I decided to take measures to get the edge off.

I have a rainbow of sex toys, so I decided to bring them all out at once. I stropped down to nothing and got to work. Squeezing and tugging on my nipples- wishing that he was there to lick and bite them. I reached down between my legs and slipped my fingers in, running my clit and fucking myself.

I started with my clit kisser and sighed as its gentle vibrations moved the tongue ever so softly over my clit and pussy lips. It was the perfect beginning to a slow subtle build up. But after a while I began to crave something with a bit more power to it.

My rabbit was the kind with a suction cup that you can attach to a wall or a smooth surface. I stepped into the shower with it and set the water to a warm pounding pressure. I lathered myself up, taking extra care between my legs. Then I straddled the rabbit and rode it hard - fucking and thrusting and longing for him to arrive and take over. I came with a moan and slipped out of the shower still ready for more.

I slipped back into bed and allowed Artemis to arouse me further with her soft spindles and clit teaser. By this time I had cum more than once and found that my hunger was so far from being sated that I thought I should share it with him. I called him up to find out when he would arrive. I told him what I had been doing and he asked me to carry on while I was on the phone with him, and that he was on his way.

I pulled out my mini tongue and tongue him how much I wanted to feel his tongue licking and sucking between my legs. I left out little moans and gasps as the vibrator did its work on me. I begged him to drive faster and I was wet and ready to feel his hard cock slamming into me. I told him all the ways that I wanted him to fuck me- that I wanted him to pull my hair and pin me down.

I had left the door unlocked, so he let himself into the house. He came into the bedroom to find me back with my rabbit- the enormous cock thrusting in and out of me as hard and fast as I could manage it while the little rabbit ears massaged my clit. He couldn't take his eyes off me as he stripped naked - his penis already hot and erect from both the phone call, and the show that I was putting on for him.

He climbed over me opn the ned and took over my ride with the toy- plunging it in and out of me with sublime force- hammering my clit until I was screaming. He began to bite my nipples as I tugged and squeezed his cock with far more force than usual - both of us in too much of a frenzy of heat and arousal to be gentle with each other.

Without warning he threw the toy away and slammed himself into me - I begged him to fuck me harder and faster, digging my nails into his arms and biting his shoulder. Both of us were covered in sweat - our pelvises slipper and grinding against each other. I had never experienced sex so animalistic and carnal. Both of us grunting and moaning without reserve. Taking what we wanted from each other without thought or consideration.

He pulled my legs over his shoulders to plunge into me even deeper. Faster. Harder. With unceasing rhythm. I cam in a crashin wave- with my eyes rolling back into my head. But he was still going- relentlessly fucking. Harder. Deeper. Faster. No tenderness, pure primal fucking. He came with a loud moan and shudder - then he lay on top of me gasping and panting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Sweet Enough...

He slid into the booth, put his hand on my knee and kissed me hello.

He looked pleasantly surprised when he ran his hand up my thigh and discovered my nylons were actually lace stay-up stockings. As a result, his hand did not leave my upper thigh the entire evening.

We ordered drinks and engaged in the requisite small talk. Occasionally he would lean in to kiss my lips or neck. I didn't mind - at least it was a clear signal that he was interested.

After a few hours of talking he walked me back to my car and leaned in for a final kiss. He had me pinned - my back to the car door, with one arm around my waist. Then without warning his other hand quickly slipped under my skirt and into my panties. My gasp of shock quickly turned into a moan as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and began rubbing my clit - immediately resulting in heat, wetness and my pulling him closer to me.

He began nibbling on my earlobe, whispering that he wanted to fuck me tonight- there in the parking lot- in the back seat of my car.

I hesitated. Torn between caution and desire. But I've never been a fan of car sex - it's cramped and something that I associated with horny teenagers avoiding their parents, not consenting adults. Besides - I felt it was good to make him wait a bit.

That decision made in my head, I couldn't help teasing him a little first - biting his lower lip and rubbing his crotch while I pretended to consider his proposition.

I could feel his cock straining for release, so I unzipped his pants to lightly caress it - glad for the moment that we were in a relatively isolated corner of the parking lot.

As I would about to send him on his way for the evening, he took matters into his own hands - yankming down my panties and lifting my leg over his hip. He rubbed his erect cock against my hot slippery cunt, telling me again how much he wanted me.

I moaned my acquiescence and felt him thrust into me at that same moment. No hesitation- outside the car in a public parking lot. He slammed into me hard and fast, and we were done before anyone had the chance to come out and notice us.

He demurely kissed me goodnight, told me that it was nice meeting me and that he hoped we could do it again soon.

I agreed with the sentiment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Too Sweet

We hadn't met, but oh how I wanted to. His profile was the perfect mix of proper grammar, playfulness and sensuality. I didn't even mind that his profile photo was a shot of his penis. It looked good- large, but not obscene, erect but not covered in semen. It invited sucking- I felt it deserved some of my attention.

We emailed a few times. He was appropriately flattering of my own profile and begged for more photos. He wanted to know more about mu likes, dislikes, and most importantly; my limits.

He was open to the idea of threesomes and group sex and wanted to know if I felt the same. I am honestly more intimidated by the idea of a threesome than a group. The larger the number of participants the more fun, and less intense it seems. Less opportunity to be judged negatively. My own insecurities seeped through with this response, but he was pleased that I was at least open to the idea of both.

We were to meet a few days later- just the two of us. He was all I could think about while I waited for the day to approach. Something about this man touched me- in the most intimate and primal of places.

We were to meet in a lounge and I agonized over what to wear. One can only be so risqué in public, but I definitely wanted to arouse him visually. I settled on a black halter dress, stockings and obscene come-fuck-me boots. The neckline plunged invitingly and the dress hugged all my curves. And the boots? After a moment of indecision, I opted for the red rather than the black, with lipstick to match. Why not go for completely over-the-top?

This meeting was just to get to know each other. The idea of sex was still a few rendezvous off.
Since I'm a control freak, I arrived early and chose a seat where I could see him enter.

He looked exactly like his photo, so that was a relief. I could never understand why people would lie or send old pictures. What could possibly be the result other than anger and disillusionment? It's like a betrayal- you've invested your time and potential trust in this person, only to find they've been abusing it. Then they think you're shallow and son't understand that it's about the lie- not about aesthetics.

This wasn't an issue with him though. He was just as delicious in reality as he was on screen. Clean-cut with just enough scruffiness to be fun. He looked...professional. Trustworthy. Competent. Sweet.

But not too sweet I hope...

To be continued

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dominatrix Duchess

Sorry it's been a while lovelies...occasionally life gets in the way of flirting with you all.

So I've been thinking lately about the dom/sub thing. You see on the whole. I've had relatively traditional sex and haven't engaged too much in any kind of fetishes or extreme lifestyles.

The fact that I like things a bit rough, don't mind being tied down and have rape fantasies implies a submissive personality to me. But I think "submissive" and I think about being ordered around, and being spanked. And that doesn't really do it for me.

I think I just like rough sex, but want it on my own terms.

And a part of me does fantasize about having a sex slave. One who would massage me, and do whatever I ordered him to do whenever I ordered it. Cause sometimes? I really just want my nipples sucked. That's all. Once it's done he can go away.

See? I want it on my terms.

But, the way I understand most "Masters" is that everything they do is actually for the pleasure of their sub/slave. (And their own pleasure of course)

So this begs the question:

Am I just kind of bossy and lazy for just wanting a slave to do whatever I want for my own pleasure alone?

Am I missing something in all this?
What about you? Dom? Sub?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When Dreams Become Reality

He sucked on my nipple with exquisite pressure - flicking his tongue over it and blowing softly- sending shivers down my spine.

At the same time I felt a playful bite on my other nipple. He wasn't as gentle as the one working on my other breast - I wouldn't be surprised to see bruises the next day. A glorious reminder of pleasures experienced.

Yet a third tongue was trailing its way up my inner thigh. I gasped to feel it between my legs, sucking on my clit. More delicious bruises on my legs and thighs as he roughly spread them wider.

My arms were flung over my head as I writhed with pleasure. Gripping the railings over my head making soft gasps and mews.

The man sleeping next to me awoke. After a few moments watching me and seeing my hand reach down to touch myself in my sleep and hearing my quick breaths he could easily figure out what I was dreaming about. He decided to bring my dreams a bit closer to truth.

We were both still naked after a particularly rigorous session a few hours earlier. Both of us too exhausted to bother retrieving the clothes strewn everywhere.

He gently moved my hands from between my legs and replaced it with his own probing fingers. The his brought his mouth to my breasts as if he truly did know what was happening inside my head at that moment.

Still asleep I unconsciously arched my back and spread my legs for him.

The rhythm of my dream-partners subtly changed to more closes synchronize with what was happening to my body in reality. I found that my 3 dream partners merged into one - and that one was biting my nipples and rubbing his cock back and forth over my hot wet pussy.

And in reality? The same thing was occurring. Suddenly I found that my dream had become real. I was fully awake and participating in the action rather than simply laying back as a hazy by-stander, no longer merely a body being played with and enjoyed.

And the dream was a pale imitation of the real thing. And insubstantial thought is incapable of creating the dizzying sensations that a tangible tongue and hard body can.

My fantasy partners faded from my head- as ephemeral and inconsequential as any other dream in the wake of this new heat. This slamming of hard member into me - the digging of nails into flesh and shock of teeth on earlobe - nothing could be more vivid and exhilarating.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Insert Comic Relief Here

So you know how this is an erotica blog?
Not today. I just discovered these, and I think they're hilarious, so I thought I would share with y'all.



via beyondporno

Pleasurists is your round-up of the adult product reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #30? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #32? Submit it here before Sunday June 7th at 11:59pm PDT. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

Want to win some free swag? All you’ve got to do is enter.

Madame Editrix

Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

On to the reviews…

Editor’s Pick

  • Baby Jesus Buttplug by Red

  • The Baby Jesus butt plug looks like a sweet little babe all wrapped up in a blanket – fresh from the manger, one would presume. He tapers down to a nice narrowed butt plug neck at the bottom of his baby cocoon, and is propped up on a nicely flared base. His adorable little face is innocent and cherubic, and frankly, not super distinctly “Jesus” looking.

    Note: When the review gives me a boner just from seeing what the item being reviewed is I can’t not make it my pick of the week. Seriously, though, it’s always wonderful to see a review of a unique product and I especially love how the review was defended in the comments, like she said: “While some might not like/buy/see a point in this product, some might think exactly the opposite. That’s the beauty of individuality!” I’m definitely one of those opposites! While I’d seen the product before this is the first review I’ve seen.



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