Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Conclusion of the Duchess's Adventure

The entire adventure...

Sometimes it's simply about the risk. The potential for exposure. For discovery. Perhaps an exhibitionist streak that had lain essentially dormant until he made the suggestion.

Sex in public.

Not precisely in the open, but of course the allure lay in the potential for an audience.

But where to choose? A car in a parking lot? A dressing room in a clothing store? A bathroom stall in a restaurant?

So many possibilities, each enticing in their own way. I got wet just thinking about the idea of it. I could hardly wait to see this fantasy fulfilled.

We decided to check out the lingerie store close by. Modeling a few outfits to set the proper mood. It all started out innocently enough- me strutting out in a rainbow of chemises and babydolls. But when I came out in the white merry widow ensemble, things changed. Suddenly he was all over me, not willing to even wait for the parking lot.

He pulled me into the dressing room and pinned me up against the wall- kissing me and pressing his erect cock against me. He unhooked the garters and carefully lowered the lace panties- finding himself on his knees in front of me.

I tired to keep myself quiet for the sake of discretion, but as I felt his tongue between my legs, licking and sucking on my clit, I found it impossible to suppress a moan and keep my breathing from turning to hot ragged gasps.

After a few minutes of this, there came a knock at the door. The salesgirl wanted to make sure that we didn't need anything. I recognized the voice- it was the young blonde who had greeted us when we entered. Very pretty and well endowed.

It struck me as impossible that she didn't realize what we were doing in there - so we opened the door slightly and said that we thought that she could help us. We invited her in and watched as she silently assessed the implied invitation. I was still breathing heavily and my partner smiled at her enticingly.

Her hesitation was all the encouragement we really needed. I glided over to her and kissed her- parting her lips with my tongue while my partner reached under the short babydoll that she wore as her "work uniform."

It soon became apparent that this was not her first dressing room interlude. Or at the very least; not her first FMF action. She proved quite adept at kissing me everywhere as well as running her hands all over my partner's hard body.

She soon had him on his knees - pulling off her silk panties - fingering and licking her hot wet cunt. In the meantime she had helped me pull off my corset and began sucking and biting on my nipples while I arched back and buried my fingers in her mass of hair.

All too soon it seemed her absence was noticed - as we heard the manager wondering by - wondering aloud where she had gotten off to. This was clearly a not-so-subtle hint for all of us to wrap things up. Probably for the best, as we were hardly trying for discretion and quiet at all by that point.

The salesgirl slipped out of the dressing room. I quickly put myself back together and went to make my purchases. The outfit had proven far too effective to pass up.

What to do next? None of us had gotten off as of yet, which was a positively unacceptable situation in my mind.

My partner and I gave one last longing glance at the salesgirl as we left, unfortunately giving her up as a lost cause for the time being.

By now we were more than a little impatient and frustrated, so we steeled for the quick and easy solution. We found a nearby hotel and asked for a room with a balcony. The hotel was arranged in a square with a courtyard in the middle- so when we stepped out onto the balcony we found that we were surrounded by rows of balconies on all three sides. Perfect.

He pined me up against the side wall and began pulling off my clothes while I attempted to do the same to him. Within moments we both stood fully nude in the open for anyone looking our, or on their own balconies to witness.

The balcony itself only had bars enclosing it, so anyone watching would have no difficulty seeing the whole show in graphic detail.

He yanked my hair back and began fingering me as I stroked and pulled on his hot hard cock. I lowered myself in front of him and sucked on his cock and massaged his balls- moving my head in an out taking it in as deep as I could.

He yanked my up roughly by the hair and sucked on my breasts - biting my nipples as I continued to give him a hand job.

He shoved me to the front of the balcony - my breasts hanging over the edge as he spread my legs. One hand squeezed and pinched my nipples while fingering me from behind. He rubbed his cock against my ass while I moaned and writhed like a cat in heat.

I could see several pairs of eyes peep out from slightly opened curtains. A few people were less shy - blatantly coming out onto their balconies to catch the free porn. One man, close enough to hear my ragged breathing undid his trousers with an audible zip. I watched him pull out his semi-erect cock and begin massaging...

I braced myself against the rails as my partner thrust into me without warning from behind - slamming into my pussy without gentleness or apology. I let out a loud moan of pleasure as he began thrusting hard and fast the way I like it.

I watched the masturbating man begin stroking himself in time to my swaying breasts - making soft synchronistic moans, matching my own.

My partner bruisingly, deliciously, clutched my hips - snapping me back with him pumping - grunting and slapping against me - beads of sweat running down both of our bodies.

More and more eyes were noticable in the surrounding balconies as we made no attempt to lower the volume of our gasping and moaning.

I began to verbalize the experience more obviously- demanding to be fucked harder, faster, don't stop, yes, it was so good, fuck yes, so good, God yes, oh...
And as my volume increased, so did that of my partner, the masturbating man, and someone else that I could even see.

My partner decided that the audience deserved a better view - so he pushed me against the side wall - raised my leg onto the balcony railing and continued thrusting- this time facing me and re-commencing his attentions to my breasts.

The man was truly a wonder- simultaneously managing to bite my nipples, finger my clit while thrusting deep into me without losing rhythm. He was obviously meant for a career in the adult film industry.

I soon lost all ability to continue articulating for my viewers- only able to gasp and squeal in time with each thrust.

I felt his pace of pumping increase, if that was even possible- and with a final thrust he came into me with a loud moan.

I took one final look around- gave a little wave and collapsed onto the bed inside, hopeful that we might be able to give an encore performance soon enough.


Aurore said...

Whew! I don't smoke but I think I need a cigarette. Very hot!

Topaz said...

Hell of a way to end the adventure! I like the gradual audience! Do another, do another!

The Panserbjørne said...

This is a fantasy of mine too. Unsure how I'd react in real life but the IDEA of being watched by several people who are getting off on the experience themselves is a very hot one. Thanks for sharing!

-- PB

Anonymous said...

That was fucking hot.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to hang around dressing rooms more often...