Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We met at a hotel bar. Cliché, but it worked for what we had in mind.

I couldn't stop staring at his lips, and before long I was kissing him at the table. Long, hot, shameless kisses that were not meant to imply anything other than our desire for each other. There was a long white tablecloth which hid what our hands were doing from anyone not standing right on top of us.

I ignored my wine and experimented with how far I was willing and able to go in public with him. He sat back with his drink and let me figure it out on my own. Rubbing his crotch was easy. Undoing his belt and unzipping his jeans was mildly more risqué.

I let him graze his hand across my nipples and run his hand up my thigh beneath my dress. After a while the pretense was pointless and we left money on the table and hurried across the lobby to get a room. He politely opened the door for me, and after that all signs of the sweet gentleman vanished in an instant.

Suddenly I was pinned up against the wall beside the door- wrists pulled high over my head and held with one of his hands. The other hand quickly reached under my skirt, pulled down the black lace panties, hitched my left leg over his hip and started rubbing my clit. Within 10 seconds of being in that room, not even past the doorway he had me wet and moaning.

I struggled to release my hands to touch him. I wanted to undo his pants and rub the hardness I could feel pressed up against me, but he wouldn't release my wrists. He pulled down the straps of my dress and bra and released my breast. Fist licking, then sucking, then biting.

Finally he released me long enough to lead me to the bed, pull of my dress and bra, and quickly take off his own clothes. He left on my stockings, and I could feel the pleasant friction of them rubbing against him and he pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top of me.

For the longest time we just kissed and let our hand roam where they may. He would rub his cock against my hot slippery cunt, but wouldn't go any further. I think he wanted me to beg, but I had already decided that I could wait as long as he could. I wanted him to take it. I wanted him to lose all control and finally just thrust into me as hard and unrelenting as he could.

I don't know which of us gave first. Suddenly all I could feel was our bodies pressed together, his cock slamming into me, and me begging him not to stop. My back was arched and my legs were hooked around his waist. My nails dug into his ass, his hips, his back. Anything that I could do to bring him closer to me.

Then he had my wrists pinned again above my head. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and pumped into me even deeper. Never had I felt such exquisite pain and pleasure. I clutched the headboard above my head and was beyond moaning or gasping. Yet he didn't stop. He kept riding me longer and harder and faster until finally he came with practically a scream.

Then he asked if he could tie me up...