Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Accepting Applications

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not what people would label as a selfish lover. It's not that I don't care about my partner's satisfaction - on the contrary, my ego demands that whomever I'm with be taken care of, even to the sacrifice of my own gratification.

By selfish, I mean that I get annoyed when men try to prove how long they can last without paying attention to my ultimate boredom, or by forcing me to service them for too long without paying attention to my subtle cues of being "over it." Sometimes I feel it's a form of dominance or ego on their part. Either way, I tend to lose patience with it quickly.

Perhaps it's because this lack of psychic synchronicity implies a seeming disconnect. An apparent disregard in finding a mutual rhythm or shared experience. It implies that each of us has entered into the moment without a common goal.

Even in the absence of romantic love, it seems to me that to people coming together in this expression of lust-filled vulnerability should share a reciprocal sense of what the moment is meant to achieve.

However I find that I often have no interest in seeking out that kind of synchronicity if it simply isn't there. I'm not in the mood to cater to men's egos or be subservient to their needs.

So what is the solution? In the short-term, I think I've found one.

A slave.
For me I mean.

I think I should find myself a man who is completely willing to bow to my desires alone.

I've constructed an ad for such a man - tell me what you think:

Job Description: The main focus of the work will be in satisfying whatever particular need I have that day. Examples of duties may include, but are not limited to the following: full-body massage, nipple sucking, making out for hours, hard fast fucking, painting my nails, feeding/bringing me ice cream, boudoir photography sessions, dressing and undressing me etc.

Qualifications: Will be looking for demonstrable skills in the tongue and hands, ability to achieve and maintain multiple erections over extended or repeated periods in a variety of circumstances, willingness to serve without complaint, not allergic to feathers or latex, a steady and creative hand with a camera.

References: Will be amusing to read, but not necessary. A "hands-on" audition/interview is a must.

While the slave's gratification is not the immediate concern, of course should he achieve satisfaction I will be very pleased with myself for him, and may even be inclined to repeat whichever circumstances caused such an event.

Please forward applications to: including cover letter and photo.


Petal said...

Love it! Girl, I like your style :)


Mutual Rhythm......the never ending write so well Great blog and post

Aurore said...

I love it! Hopefully, you get an application or two.

I do know what you mean when you said that sometimes men act as though they are trying to prove something. I've felt this way about a few of my hookups - just be done with it. If it goes on too long I just feel like they are being greedy.

Anonymous said...

I would love to apply for a temp position.

Anonymous said...

I expect you'll get more than a few applicants. A slave sounds like just what you need.

I get what you're saying about the connection - it needs to be there. Who cares if a guy can fuck for hours if you're bored with it?

Have you scheduled interviews yet?

Topaz said...

I always believe a girl has every right to be selfish. No one better that yourself to ensure your needs are met. Well... a slave IS the next best thing!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh yes exactly... BOYTOYS SUBMIT!!!


The Panserbjørne said...

You'll be flooded with applications, no doubt. And yes, I'm quite sure it is exactly what you need, too; there does seem to be a rash lately of posts from women who are sick of their partners not listening to them, not catching very obvious cues, or otherwise ignoring needs. And Duchesses should *always* have their needs catered to at all times. :)

Tempted to send in an application myself....heh.

-- PB

thedirtyblonde said...

Oh, yeah :-) What a nice Christmas gift a naked, submissive man would be.

But depending on the personality type of sub you want, I'd look at adding a small para that you're not looking for a roll over and beg for attention sub looking for crumbs of attention from anyone, but someone who comes from a position of pride and understands the gift of sacrifice (or whatever you want, of course).

Many sub men I've met cause me to disrepect them as they'll gladly take any treatment for anyone, and the lack of challenge or reward for me turns me off completely. I feel as if I need to earn the right to take responsibility for someone. Y

In 500 words or less I was trying to say filter for the type of servitude you want or you'll be flooded with types who may not be more than once-off trials for you because you might come away unsatisfied. And this is about satisfaction, yes? :-)

N1DXh3dNc said...

Having just stumbled across your blog and onto this post, I realized three important factors. 1) The idea of fulfilling such a role excites me. 2) I am more than qualified to meet such needs. 3) Being a selfish individual, having such an arrangement could be quite rewarding.

So, now I am curious to know, if you are an equal opportunist in accepting applications from both males and females alike?

The Temptress said...

I really like this idea!! I'm intrigued to hear how this progresses for you...