Sunday, April 25, 2010

Duchess Debbie

So the delicious Nicole of the Sex Toy site said she would send me some fantastic presents for my birthday, and on Friday, they all arrived.

As those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know (and if you're not friends with me - why not??) I spent my Friday evening with the seductively fantastic Ms. Bambi Woods - AKA "Debbie" of Debbie Does Dallas fame.

It struck me as crazy that I host an erotica blog, and do sex toy reviews, but had never seen this classic artifact of cinematic history. I mean it's Debbie. And she did Dallas. Although, in point of fact she doesn't. She doesn't actually make it to Dallas in the film - although it's implied...

I actually found this film to be surprisingly refreshing. Porn movies to me are associated with a few formulaic factors: bad music, unrealistically tight/hairless/uplifted women and essentially no storyline.

Debbie Does Dallas actually was different than that. This movie did in fact have a plot. It wasn't a complex plot by any means, but there was a storyline, and mild character development.

The plot? Debbie wins some sort of cheerleading competition and has to raise the money to get to Dallas to attend. The rest of her squad decides to raise money themselves to accompany her. They find making money to be a challenge, so they begin to sell themselves.

What pleasantly astonished me was the bodies shown in the film. These were real women's bodies. Their breasts moved and were shaped and sized like women's breasts actually do and are. They showed (OMG!) pubic hair! And the make-up? Like real women wear. It was simultaneously fascinating and grotesque. It's been so long (if ever) that I've seen women look like that on film that I was positively riveted to the screen.

Another interesting aspect of this, dare I say, old-fashioned way of filming a porn were the camera angles. Now I'm no cinematographer, but I know it's just not the way we do things anymore. They would choose an angle - often a very close up shot of a cock sliding in and out of a vagina and leave it there. This would go on for a few minutes. There was no possible way this was being faked let me tell you.

However, I will say - there is something to be said for how we do it now. It's mildly arousing to see a thrusting member, but to me, it's more stimulating to see some facial expressions to go along with it. To be in the moment with the couple. To just see genitals is a bit less personal and a touch harder to lose yourself in the fantasy.

But overall? I have to say I'm really glad I got this. I expected it to just be really cheesy and laughable, but it was definitely more than that. Debbie herself was really beautiful, and it was refreshing to see some real women.

One thing that did strike me about this film, is a seeming preoccupation with semen. I mean those girls really milked those guys dry, and left not a drop unlicked...Makes me wonder if my men have been feeling neglected in that area...

Now, was it a bit disturbing to see supposedly 16 year-old girls in the kind of situation that would now get most of the characters in the movie arrested? A little bit. I had to shake it off once or twice. I have heard that they re-did the film, and I do hope that they made them college cheerleaders instead.

But aside from that - I can certainly say that this film is better than a lot of what I've seen much more recently. Most porn movies are just a series of vignettes showing increasingly kinky scenarios. This, although definitely 70's, was a cut above that. Worth checking out for sure. I would recommend adding it to your personal collection without reservation.

Special thanks to Nicole - truly a goddess of the adult toy world for sending me so many fun presents! And if you're interested in finding out about Nicole's adult toy giveaways and deals, she told me to give a shout out to their twitter and facebook pages. And since she's lovely, why wouldn't I do that for her?

Duchess's rating: 4/5 O's.


The Panserbjørne said...

I've never seen that one either but apparently I do need to check it out eventually. Thanks for the review!

-- PB

adultsextoys said...

wow! such a beautiful review :)...but i haven't seen them yet still after going through this wonderful review i am gonna watch them for sure...

Topaz said...

Wow, you're right. We really should verse ourselves in the early days of porn. I'm watching asap.
btw - I did see parts of, and the making of, the remake. Funny thing about porn directors, they want to put their own take on remakes, so there are random, senseless plot changes. SPOILER ALERT: The remake has Debbie eventually dying and going to hell where she gets defiled by an angel. Yeah. I'm watching the original.