Saturday, April 17, 2010

Make Me

It's not hard to find someone to want you. To want you briefly. Selfishly. Unthinkingly.

And often that's fine. A temporary release. It will serve for the time.

But really? I want something more. Something longer. Something more sustaining.

No. I'm not talking about the big L here. I'm talking about sensuality. Seduction. The Big O even.

I want a man to make me quiver. To make me crave him non-stop. To make me his entire focus. Even just for a night.

A man with the eroticism, imagination and desire to care about what he does to my body.

A man with the ability to make me writhe in animalistic passion on the bed.

A man who'll make me grip him with lust simply by running his fingertips over my skin or his tongue over my lips.

A man who will make me moan with unashamed volume and release.

Is such a man out there? A man who can make me bend to his will?

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bdenied said...

very nice and the photo highlights the posting

Gray said...

Exactly. That is what I want as well. And that is so damn hard to find.

Love the post!:)

Anonymous said...

There is something appealing about a sexy strong man...huh? Great post love.


Anonymous said...

I want that too. Hard to find!
Loved that post :)

Petal said...

Love your take on this post, awesome stuff as always :)

Ms Scarlett said...

Wonderful... exactly what so many of us want!

Great post!

Kimberly said...

Oh god yes, I completely agree!

Topaz said...

You've captured what I want every night of my life :P It's hard to get all those things wrapped up in one, but I swear it's gotta be out there for you :-)

The Panserbjørne said...

There are probably any number of them out there that would like to TRY it....but only a few of them would be worthy of the Duchess.

Beautifully written. And it's not such a large thing to wish for, is it? Completely reasonable. Completely in your reach. Here's hoping you get what you want.

-- PB