Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Curve of his...

One of the best parts of being romantic, sentient beings is the fact that we have the option to choose what turns us on.

Each one of us gets aroused by different things, be they exotic fetishes, or simply by viewing a naked object.

This very fact means that all of us should have the option to find someone in life who finds us irresistible. There should always be something about us that someone in this world will respond to.

The harder challenge is finding and connecting with that person. Once you've covered that - well then what's stopping you from then living out your existence in a delicious state of sublime bliss?

I'm what you might call "curvy." And I've had my share of men who love women with a bit more substance to them. This is fine, I can appreciate a man who wants to worship every delectable part of me.

I, personally, don't have a specific body type that I must adhere to in order to get turned on. I can get aroused by a "curvy" man, or a slim one, or a super fit, cut one. It's more cerebral for me. The brain really is the most powerful erogenous zone.

But there is one part of a man that will turn me on within a millisecond. I don't know why it is, but just the sight of it gets me hot. All the men in the photos have this in common.

What is it? Let's see...
They're all topless.

Is it the pecs? The arms?

The bellybutton?

Washboard abs?

It's that curvy indent leading down beyond their pelvic bone. I have no idea what it's actually called. You know what I'm talking about? That line that leads down into their pants.

Just a glimpse of that curve. That indented line. Gets me wet. I can be thinking of nothing...taxes or groceries...yet if I catch sight of that curve, I can guarantee you that ALL I'm thinking about now, is sex. And getting that guy naked and violating me in any way he wants.

Just a glimmer of that curve can turn me into his slave. Thoughtless and willing. Agreeable to anything.

What IS it called?
I don't know. But I want it. And any cock attached to it.

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Aurore said...

I feel the exact same idea what it's called but damnit it doesn't matter ;)

Lilly said...

I don't know WHY there is not a proper sexified name for it....but ugh oh yes yes that gets me. And for some reason (for me, anyways) it's at its hottest when he is not fully naked, when his package is covered and the look is sexy but not pornographic.

Hubman said...

Dammit, I have that curve, but it's hidden...

Great post!

Gray said...

Yes yes yes! It is like a trail that you just want, no need to follow!

autumn said...

i'm not sure what the name of that is either but i sure do love it! i enjoyed reading this very much. lovely words.

Red Rider said...

Love to hear your perspective and what turns you on. Fascinating.

Petal said...

I know EXACTLY the spot you mean and it does serious things to me too!

Ms Scarlett said...

I'm not sure, but I think that curve is part of the hip flexor.... but goddamn, it's damn sexy! Especially when the jeans are slung nice and low so we can ogle it!

Topaz said...

GIRL! You and my both... I'm a sucker for that line... Just thinking about it...

Barefoot Dreamer said...

my absolute favorite part of a mans bod too! for sure. I think because on almost every single man- it looks delicious. big or little it is there. yup my fav

Salt and Pepper said...

The treasure trail perhaps?

The Panserbjørne said...

It looks like I know what part of myself to take a pic of for the next HNT! Thanks for sharing this little tidbit about yourself. ;)

And thanks for providing the theme for this group post. I had a lot of fun with the theme.

-- PB

ms.deviant librarian said...

all super yummy yummy

Bri said...

I don't know what that line/muscle definition is called either - but I agree with you 100% - it's a turn on... like it's saying "follow my path!"... :)

CW said...

Yep, I am a sucker for the same freaking thing.

Where in the hell is my man when I need him?

*looks around, makes snarky face*

Kimberly said...

Oh god! I SOOOO agree!

thedirtyblonde said...

It's the crest of iliac -- my favourite lines of a man's body too. Oh, and I have thing for well-defined forearms that goes beyond mere appreciation.

Zuliebaby said...

Some refer to it as "hip-dips" as far as I know. Anatomically,'s the iliac crest. Crista iliaca, if you want to be all Latin about it ;)