Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sometime I'll Need to Just Bite the Bullet and Do This Thing

So a side-effect of this experience is the hyper sensitivity to all things of a sexual nature. I have never masturbated and used my vibrator so much in such a short period of time.

I am finding myself in a constant state of arousal. I guess like all things, sexuality is a muscle, and the more you use it - the more easily stimulated and available it is.

I am just about jumping out of my skin right now, wanting someone to take the edge off.

I talked to Bunny Ears the past couple of days. He's one of the few who have sent me nude photos. I don't mind the photos, but again, I get the sense that the men are trying to simply show off their size. Ample endowment is not a guarantee that they can get me off.

Bunny Ears was asking me to meet him for a drink last night. He seems OK with the idea that we meet once or twice, and then go from there. I can respect that kind of attitude a lot more than the men who simply want to meet me for sex simply after reading my profile.

I was so aroused last night that I thought about actually putting myself together and meeting him in a hotel bar. If things went well we could get a room right there.

Then I started coughing. Oh yeah. That's why I was staying home all weekend. Somehow I don't think coughing fits are what I should make my trademark "thing." Hopefully next weekend I'll be in a completely healthy state.

Although I confess I'm a bit terrified. I'm ready for sex. God knows I am. But still...meeting a complete stranger? Small talk? Not so much one of my strong points. What if we end up just staring at each other without anything to say? Perhaps I should just shove my tongue down his throat to make up for any awkward silences?

I suppose rubbing his crotch and leaning over to show off some cleavage might give me a few moments to come up with some sparking comment?

I guess everyone has fear of the first time right? And then with practice...?


Jason X said...

Don't worry about awkward silences. You meet a stranger at a bar, it's understood what's going to happen. Alcohol, flirting, touching, then fucking somewhere. Piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

when your new to the singles scene and have been off the wagon for a while it can all seem very strange and a whole new world but as time goes by we adjust to our circumstances ....great blog it left me wanting more

The Duchess said...

Jason- hmmmm you make it sound easy...

Ausal- thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll be back...