Monday, November 10, 2008

And Next I'll Be Writing Exit to Eden II

So there are a few things that I can't quite sort out, and perhaps you, my darling visitors can shed some light...

Are men:
a) Just incredibly simple creatures?
b) Just humouring me in order to hopefully convince me to fuck them?
c) Genuinely deprived of women telling them what they really want?

These questions come from a few places...

All these men on this site keep telling me how impressed they are with my profile.
Yes, I have a photo up. Not risque, just a facial shot. And yes, I answered the multiple choice questions. I like toys and costumes. I like oral sex and tattoos.

But it's the part that I wrote myself that seems to really get them. And I find it to be so simple and almost dull:

What do I want?
Someone who'll greet me by pinning me to the wall and putting their hand up my skirt.
Someone who'll put their tongue in my mouth and everywhere else.
Someone who's able to handle it if I dig my nails in their back in the throes of whatever...
Someone who'll ride me hard and long.
Someone who's up for more than one session a night. Cause once you get me going, once just isn't sufficient.
Someone who likes my curves and will worship me like a goddess.
Any questions?

Honestly, I wrote that in 30 seconds as a result of constantly being asked "so what do you like?"
This is by no means the Story of O...yet they keep gushing about it...

So then yesterday evening, I was talking to Adonis. I felt that I left on a less than coquettish note, so later on I sent him an MSN message.

I told him how when we finally met, I wanted him to greet me with his tongue and his fingers between my legs...
I wanted an orgasm before we ever even said a word to each other.
Then I wanted to suck his cock.
Then I wanted him to pin me down and fuck me as hard and fast as he could. No control, no romance, no sweetness. All I wanted was his cock slamming into me.
And there I left it...

I woke up this morning to his response...a plethora of exclamations about how hot that was. And when I spoke with him earlier tonight, he went on about how hot and wet he still was. And how he wanted to suck my pussy. And how he was dripping just thinking about it...

Now am I being difficult here? I just don't think this is soooo stimulating. I can acknowledge that it might be the shock of it. He wasn't expecting to login to a message like that. But it all just seems so...simple...

So back to my original question. Is it shocking? Are men just that easy? Or are they just giving me the response they think I want?

Not that I don't want some appreciation for my work- I guess I just come from the school of believing that you should have to work hard to get a genuine reward....


Kate said...

I think men are somewhat shocked when you are aggressive, and when you tell them what you want.

I think they have a certain expectation, and anything above and beyond that seems special to them.

But they will compliment you thinking you will like that.

Hopefully you find someone who knows that's only part of the package.

Nolens Volens said...

Here's my answer to your 1st question...ALL OF THE ABOVE. Now, keep in mind that I don't fall into that D answer. LOL

Mike said...

These kind of guys are simple. They watch a lot of porn and they think the world works that way. So they communicate the same.