Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is it?

So what is it about sex? What is it that makes us so preoccupied with it?
Even the most virtuous of us finds it at least to be a distraction.

Why is it that I could go on these sites and find a plethora of men willing to fall at their feet to pleasure me in ways that I've never heard of, yet they balk at the very suggestion of feelings or a commitment?

Why do we risk relationships and getting caught and ruin friendships over it?

Why does it overpower us?

Toys and movies and magazines and blogs and websites devoted to the subject.


We paint our lips red. We mess up our hair. We show erect nipples. All to make our objects subconsciously link us with the sex act.

If we haven't had it in a while, it's constantly in our thoughts. It's in our thoughts even more if we have had it recently.

Why do we risk pain and humiliation and rejection simply for this one thing? Do we put that much effort into anything else?

What is it about sex?


Aurore said...

What isn't it about sex? The physiological response alone but then there are the emotional and mental responses - even during casual encounters. It's hard not to get caught up in how good sex can make us feel and the connection that you develop with your partner (maybe that sounds a little too romantic - but it's not meant to be limited to that).

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

It's hard wired into our brains--into our survival. Like a warm bed on a cold night or a hot meal after a long day...there's something about sex that is...comforting. Natural. How it is supposed to be.

Biology is against us. ;)

Anonymous said...

What is it about breathing, about eating? It's survival. It's carnal. It's about hunting and gathering. It one of our most basic needs. It's why we're on this earth.

And it's so damn good :-)

Nolens Volens said...

Simply put - it feels damn good!

Freak At Heart said...

For some or for even most of us, it is all consuming and overpowering! That being said, for some of us there also needs to be feelings as well or it is just not worth it!!!

Anonymous said...

I ask myself that frequently? I think one part of it is it's one of the quickest fixes for mood or loneliness. Even if it's not a lasting feeling (and often it's not) it still fulfills that need for adoration. And like many mentioned it also satisfies that primal urge. Besides the psychology behind it, let us not forget, it physically just feels soooo GOOOOOD!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what it is. But I think some of what you're writing about has to do with desire and attention and not just sex. People want to be desired. Some of us also want to have more sex than others.

The Other Woman said...

Good question. I'll be pondering this one all day, I think.

I think it has to do with it being primal... like the need to eat, sleep and pee.

I found you through Nolens Volens blog. I too, am a reformed Vanilla, so your blog resonates with me.

My blog is private, but I'd be happy to invite you. Just send me an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

sex and love and attention all intertwine to be a powerful narcotic. i think that god must have planned it that way. otherwise no one would procreate. or have anything to think about all day long ;)