Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yes, This is What I Want: Naughty Words...

One of my requirements in my imaginary slave (am still accepting applications btw) is that he can talk dirty to me. (No, I refuse to embed a Poison video - Moulin Rouge has a touch more class, don't you think?).

I want a man who can articulate his needs and wants...because nothing makes me hotter than someone telling me exactly how I'm making them feel at that precise moment, and even better- to tell me what they would like to, and plan to, do to me.

Has anyone ever seen Exit to Eden? A terrible movie, but it has one scene that always struck me. They're trying to teach the women to let loose with the dirty talk, and one woman felt very risqué in saying "put your thing in my thing."

I want someone who's not too shy to tell me all his fantasies. And to not be shocked when I whisper in his ear in a restaurant booth how I want him to slip his fingers under my skirt and get me off right there, because I'm not wearing any panties and I'm already hot and wet...
(Even better if he'll follow through with it).

Far too many of the men I've been with have been practically silent in bed. Seriously? Where's the feedback? The appreciation for my work? If you're not up to composing naughty sonnets, then at least a moan or two would be nice.

Silence? In my mind? Not golden.


Dara's Diary of Desires said...

Wow! This is a post I could have written...I feel EXACTLY the same way. Word and sounds are so erotic...duh!...why is everyone reading sex blogs!!?? I, too, want a man who can bring it with more than just his mouth and hands and cock! Don't get me wrong, those are important, too, but I want the whole 'package'!

Thanks for writing this...hopefully people are listening!


Topaz said...

Hey babes, will read when I get a chance, but wanted to stop in to wish you a Merry Christmas!

The Panserbjørne said...

Silence is definitely not golden. The more noise, the more feedback, the more *interaction* there is when you're fucking someone...ahh, the more fun it is.

Merry Christmas to you!

-- PB