Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sexperty - ITap G-Vibe & Egg

So my darlings over at California Exotics were kind enough to send over two items for review again. They are so thorough! One item focused on the G-spot, and the other on the clit.

The first item was the: iTap G-vibe
Mundane website deets:
Revolutionary new touch sensitive technology • No buttons or switches, simply tap to activate each function • Sleek and seamless construction • 5 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation • ABS with Velvet-Cote (PU Cote) • 2 AA batteries • 6”x 1”/15 cm x 3 cm

And the next was the: One touch wonder egg
Deets encore:
Waterproof • Quiet, versatile, multi-function egg designed for solo use or with a partner • 3 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation • Easy to use, non-slip grip, push button, one touch activation switch conveniently located on the end of the retrieval cord • Glowing LED light in the base of the egg • ABS with Velvet-Cote™ (PU Cote) • Batteries included (2 N)
2.5”x 1.3”/6 cm x 3 cm

So what did I think of them?

First of all, like most CalExotics products - I love the texture and material of their toys. Both items are made with a
Velvet cote material which is positively delicious on the skin- I just want to rub it all over myself. The material is velvety (obvs!) to the touch, non porous and phthalate-free. You can clean it with an anti-bacterial soap and water, and the best lube to use is a water-or silicone-based.

Now as for the itap? How fun! All you have to do is lightly touch the bottom and it turns on, switches modes, and turns off. It is very sensitive, and before I got used to it, I ended up accidentally switching modes all over the place.

Now the feel? Well, it is HARD. And not in a "Oh Baby, you're sooo hard" kind of way. More in a it-will-bruise-you-if-you-thwack-yourself-with-it kind of way. (Yes, "thwack" is a technical "Sexpert" term now).

The vibe is strong though, and it definitely got the job done. It's relatively slim, so I had no problems with insertion, and even just rubbing it all over got me going.

As for the Wonder Egg?
Well- that one gave me a few more challenges. Based on other reviews I've read, I actually wonder if I didn't get a defective one.

The cute little batteries are included, and screwing on the top is certainly not effortless. But I do like the little touch-button at the end of the cord. However, my egg? Once I pressed the button, it just never stopped cycling through the vibration modes. I actually had to unscrew the top in order to turn it off. And as mentioned above? Screwing it back on is a pain.

However, I asked someone else who was given this toy to review about this problem, and they said that this wasn't an issue for them - so this may just be with the toy I received, and you perhaps shouldn't make your decision based on my one experience.

The vibe itself is very strong, and there are a few cycles of varying intensities. I got stimulated just running it over my panties, so it definitely has that going for it.
On the whole though, I'm not really a fan of eggs - so between that and the annoyance with the power, I don't think I'll be pulling this out very often.

The Duchess's ratings?
Wonder Egg: 1.5 stars out of 5
ITap: 3.5 stars out of 5

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