Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

The awesome folks over at Eden Fantasys were kind enough to send me a tongue to get my pink parts all hot and bothered the other day.

Now one of my top three favourite adult toys is the Mini-tongue by Lady Calston, it's soft and I love to use it in conjunction with my favourite vibe. The pairing has never failed to lead me to a quick (or slow, depending on my mood) orgasm.

I had always felt that the mini tongue wasn't terribly "mini", but decided that I should try the regular tongue vibe to see what the difference was.

First off, the mundane deets:

- Jelly Material in pink (which means it's not phthalate free).
- Uses 2 x AA batteries.
- Can go up to 5 speeds, with a switch on the base.
- Relatively odorless and tasteless (not that I intended to french kiss the thing - but you have to give a little lick just for fun, right?)
- not waterproof

While the mini-tongue mostly moves up and down, the tip of this tongue "twirls." The toy doesn't perform any other tricks - the five settings are essentially just a speed dial - the higher you click, the faster the tongue twirls. I'm generally a high speed kinda gal - but I found the highest level to be a bit too much twirling - I found that I liked it best around 3 or maybe 4.

Now the size? Well, I now know why the other one is called "mini." This tongue is 4" long and 2" wide - and I have to say - while that may be a reasonable size on an actual person's tongue - on this toy, I found it to be laughably huge. Perhaps one loses perspective when faced with a tongue in the absence of teeth and lips etc etc?

So what did I actually think of the toy?
I have to say I'm pretty neutral on it.

It of course needs lube - because a tongue should definitely be wet.
And it did get me off...eventually.

There were a couple of things about it that turned me off. First of all - I found the whirring to be a bit too "mechanical" sounding. Regular vibes just kind of buzz - but this "whirs" and I found it to be pretty distracting.

And I found the tongue to be a bit hard. The material itself is kind of soft and smooth - but once the tongue itself was moving about between my legs- I wasn't entirely comfortable with it. While the mini tongue felt really nice- this one didn't.

I also found it too heavy as well, and was a little alarmed when I found the base getting warm when in use for about 10 minutes or so.

Overall, I think I would say that this is an average toy. Not terrible. But not fantastic either.

Duchess rating: 2 stars out of 5.

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