Saturday, July 7, 2012

So This is What it Means to Be a Graduate Student

So this is what I've done the past two years:

Started a graduate program.
Met a man with whom I have regular sex.
My new pinup girl outfit - I am dying to find the
time to actually go out and wear it.
Made out with a girl.
Made out with another girl.
Made out with yet another girl, which included second base.
Had sex with a different man.
Went back to regular sex with the original man.
Took a course on pornography and erotica.
Fellated another woman's husband.
Went to a sex club.
Went to a bigger sex club.
Went on a trip with a hot sex blogger.
Had two men show us their penises (penii?) outside of a club.
Met many nude models.
Am now considering joining the nude models by doing my own photo session to be posted on their website.

I have less than a month to go before my degree is completed.
And then? I will learn to write for fun again. I miss this place.
Will be back soon.


Verbose Lothario said...

All of these things are things I would have loved to have seen blogged about. :-)

Sounds like a pretty damned good year to me. I look forward to you coming back to the blogging world. :-)

Buddha said...

Wow. Very nice.