Monday, February 15, 2010


I've been dreaming about owning a Lelo. The way I understand it, Lelo is the Cadillac of sex toy companies. To own a Lelo is like being part of an elite club, one that only a select few who are truly privileged and worthy are entitled to join.

I, however? Am apparently a peasant. An proletariat. A plebian.

My darling Christina at sent me my first Lelo. Mia.

Mia is darling, and beautiful. Like all Lelo toys, she come beautifully packaged with a satin bag for storage. Mia is small and discreet and virtually weightless. She can be charged via your computer's USB drive to last for 4 hours.

But? She did nothing for me. Nothing.
I am both shocked and appalled at my apparent lack of class and bourgeousie-ness.
I am convinced that it must just be me.

For some reason, the vibes and shape simply didn't work for me.
Maybe I'm too accustomed to ultra large, ultra strong vibrators? I admit, I've never really been the type to look for small, subtle vibes. I prefer something with a bit more of a "wow" factor.

This isn't the kind of vibe that you pull out for a huge effect. It's small, and while it does have more than one stimulation mode, it's not going to shock you with it's strength.

This is the kind of vibe that you would bring along with you for discreet use, and maybe for travel. Or possibly during your coffee break at work? Nor is this the kind of vibe you're going to be using for thrusting or an intense night of action.

But, I think for what it's made for, it probably is fantastic. No batteries needed, easily transportable, and a few different modes.

We've all learned something about me though - apparently, subtlety is not what I look for in the bedroom. Good to know.

I will give it 3 stars out of 5 though, as I can clearly see that it is good at precisely what it's created for. $62.00 at


Petal said...

Nooooooooo dont tell me that! I so wanted one of those....sob!

Anonymous said...

Apparently no wimpy USB charging for the vibes you prefer. Does Canada run 120 or 240V in homes? ;)

Not to worry. We won't hold your simpler taste in toys against you.

Aurore said...

I'm sorry this was so disappointing - definitely try another Lelo - I would marry my Iris if I could.

@Andy - what's the deal with smack-talkin' Canada these days?

Anonymous said...

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