Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Lifestyle...

So I've discovered a new adult site, and the people running it were absolutely delighted to find that I was willing to talk to all you sexy darlings about it.

The Lifestyle Lounge is another site available to meet people for a specific purpose. And no, it isn't for a white picket fence and dreamy talks about "us." The catchphrase for the site is: The place to explore the erotic side of your life. And if you're interested - there's a sexy-voiced little minx who can tell you all about what the site has to offer.

And surprisingly, I have to say - there's a lot there. This isn't simply a dull little site that lets you post a profile and maybe hosts a chat. There are blogs, welcomes, notices about whose birthday it is today (OK, I found that one a bit amusing...), merchandise, events etc etc.

The main focus of the site appears to be for couples looking to get involved with other couples, or singles - but there is an opportunity for singles to hook up with other singles too. You can tell that the site is growing, so I can imagine in a few months the place will be even more hopping with people.

It's pretty diverse too. Are you in Minneapolis or St. Paul? (I've noticed some readers from that area) Chicago? (where Ronjazz is setting up a blogger meet - we could post that event on this site) The site covers all those cities, and even my little town in Canada has representation.

Registering was pretty painless, and I discovered that posting up photos resulted in a free membership for a month. Otherwise the prices range from approximately $25.00 for one month to $190.00 for a year. Not bad if you're seriously looking at hooking up with some like-minded people. At least you get the free trial to decide if it's worth your while...

I signed up for one day and already got some messages, so it seems like a pretty friendly place considering the fact that I've done absolutely nothing to get attention.

So far my favourite aspect of the site is that it automatically sorts all your searches geographically. So you just pick a category and it will immediately list those people beginning with your own city, then outwards in increasing kilometers (miles for you Americans...).

I'm looking forward to exploring the site a bit more - and let you know any amusing stories once I actually get into the culture. Should be a naughty, fun time...

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Ms. Inconspicuous said...

The forum there is awesome. The people there are pretty darned awesome.

I'd say that LL is a *lot* less of a "fuck-and-run" site than many, many others.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting...thanks for sharing.

J and J said...

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