Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tongue Kissing, Photo Shoots and Pillow Fights

So guess who just booked a trip to meet the seductively fabulous Mlle Aurore?

That's right, for 3 glorious days after Christmas, her and I will be having pillow fights in our underwear, making out with each other and taking advantage of as many men as possible.

Look out Ontario - the Duchess and Aurore are taking over.

So - who's going to be in the area? 'Fess up fellow Canadians.
We want to meet you, make out with you, and take naughty photos with you.

Who's in?


Aurore said...

I had no idea we were going to make out - now I'm really excited for you to get here! ;)

The Duchess said...

Did I forget to mention that? Oops!

Anonymous said...

How come I wasn't invited ?? ;)

Sounds sexy... take lots of pics :)

Lev said...

can I watch? I'm like Chancey Gardner - I like to watch [and I'm just down the road btw]

Hubman said...

Sounds like loads of fun! Don't forget to share the pictures ;-)

Kimberly said...

I am choosing my underwear for the pillow fight as I blog...SO looking forward!

Soul Powers said...

@Aurore: Don't you love sexy surprises? LOL

Aurore said...

Totally hijacking your comments D ;)

Kimberly: I am totally going to have to up my game for my pillow-fight attire ;)

The Panserbjørne said...

I'm a bit far away for joining in, but can I still beg to be allowed to view any pictures that might result from the fun? Pretty please? With sugar on top? :)

Have a fantastic time!

-- PB