Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choose the Duchess's Adventure III

Read the first two installments here and here.

It struck me as impossible that she didn't realize what we were doing in there - so we opened the door slightly and said that we thought that she could help us. We invited her in and watched as she silently assessed the implied invitation. I was still breathing heavily and my partner smiled at her enticingly.

Her hesitation was all the encouragement we really needed. I glided over to her and kissed her- parting her lips with my tongue while my partner reached under the short babydoll that she wore as her "work uniform."

It soon became apparent that this was not her first dressing room interlude. Or at the very least; not her first FMF action. She proved quite adept at kissing me everywhere as well as running her hands all over my partner's hard body.

She soon had him on his knees - pulling off her silk panties - fingering and licking her hot wet cunt. In the meantime she had helped me pull off my corset and began sucking and biting on my nipples while I arched back and buried my fingers in her mass of hair.

All too soon it seemed her absence was noticed - as we heard the manager wondering by - wondering aloud where she had gotten off to. This was clearly a not-so-subtle hint for all of us to wrap things up. Probably for the best, as we were hardly trying for discretion and quiet at all by that point.

The salesgirl slipped out of the dressing room. I quickly put myself back together and went to make my purchases. The outfit had proven far too effective to pass up.

What to do next? None of us had gotten off as of yet, which was a positively unacceptable situation in my mind.

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Topaz said...

voted... this really is like choose your own! every little decision...

Anonymous said...

This is waaaay hot, and will conclude steamily wherever you choose it.


BlueEyes69 said...

I think I see the first two installments under the flowers on this lovely lingerie! Yummm.

Good post, too! Steamy choices!!!

Aurore said...

I really do love this.

CW said...

Voted as well....seems many of us think alike ;-)


The Panserbjørne said...

I know I've said it before but I am REALLY enjoying this concept. Would you mind terribly if I stole the idea for use myself at some point in the future?

-- PB