Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, as I mentioned earlier the lovely folks at Pink Cherry.com Sex Toys sent me a wide array of products to try.

So today my darlings? We're going to talk about shaving.

I personally rather enjoy the sensation of being fully shaved. I find that I am so much more sensitive all the time and get wet at the drop of a hat. However, as any woman (and perhaps some of my male readers) know, it's honestly a pain to shave 100%. There's a lot more surface there than you realize, and you have to be rather careful to not cause any damage to your pink parts.

I've shaved with a variety of shave gels, with varying results. (And no, my darlings, I will not be posting photos of the results of this product review- thanks for thinking of me though.)

So tonight I get myself all hot and steamy in the shower and tried out my latest gift: Inttimo Shave Kreme by Wet. And since I have an entire fruit basket of clashing products in the shower, I decided to go with the original - unscented version.

And I have to say - it does work. I am pretty skeptical as a rule about shaving products- they are all more or less the same to me. But I can tell the difference with this product. The areas I wanted to be hairless are- and the areas I didn't want to be hairless- aren't.

The gel comes out in a pump bottle and is a pretty neutral colour. The product description claims that it has aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E for your skin. There's certainly no way to verify that - but I have to say, I would be pefectly happy if any number of willing men came here right now wanting to touch my legs. They certainly do feel all soft and smooth and ready to be spread.
(In all seriousness, my legs do feel fantastic and silky, whatever is in the creme is really doing it's job)

I will say though, that $17.99 seems rather pricy to me for a shaving creme. I mean the last one I bought was only $3.99 for the same sized bottle. Perhaps it wouldn't do the job quite as effectively - but I don't know if it's realy $14.00 worth of difference.

Now for those of you who don't have a produce section in your showers, you might be willing to go a bit more exotic with the product. There are two other scents - "Romance" which is a cedar wood and patchouli scent and "Forbidden Fruit" which is berry scented. There are also men's shaving cremes as well as massage oils in this brand.

Overall, I give this product 3/5 stars.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about women's shaving/waxing preferences. I wish there were photos. I really wish you lived nearby so I could watch and devour you before and after....

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for a second that you are fully shaved. No way. Not buying it. If you were willing to send a picture it would alleviate my skepticism. :)

The Duchess said...

Ron- I can't imagine us being any further apart- but that would be positively delightful to have you here...

Andy- Feel free to stop by and I'll show you in person.