Friday, November 20, 2009

What I Want You To Do To Me

"What do you like?"

So often I am asked this question while perusing the sex sites. Often I will send over a link to this post or that, but I've come to realize that such a gesture is asking them to read between the lines. To understand that I would never write about something that turns me off.

So perhaps now, a year into this blog, I should return to the basics. Just what is it that I really like? What in this world gets me truly hot and wet. What is it that YOU could do to immediately have me quivering and begging you to take me?

Well my darlings, here are some things that I would really like you to try.

When saying good night and walking me to my door, I want to be pressed up against the wall by your hard body. I want you to have no qualms about the fact that a neighbour might walk out of their suite, and simply shove your tongue into my mouth, and your hand up my skirt, fingering my clit. I want you to seduce me right there in the hallway - and just as I'm begging you to take me then and there, you open my door and take me on the floor of my foyer.

I want you to pin me down and ride me hard. I love to have my hair pulled and being bitten. Not quite so rough as to do permanent damage, but I'll definitely take hard and fast over sweet and romantic any day. I'm fine if you want to tie me up and blindfold me too - use my vulnerable body as your playground. I want you to grip my hips so hard as you're thrusting that I have bruises, and can barely walk the next day.

Use your lips and tongue and teeth all over me. I can make out with you for hours. Neck, nipples, earlobe - licking and nibbling everywhere.

Do you want to dress me up like a doll? Buy me some lingerie (have you noticed my wishlist in the sidebar there?) and I'll strut and pose for you. Gloves and feather boas. Bustiers and lacy stocking with backseams. I'll be a seductive package just tempting you to unwrap me.

I want you to worship and adore me. Being ordered about and made to gratify your needs at best needs to be reciprocal. I suspect that I lean more towards the dominant end of the spectrum.

Why don't you drizzle my body with honey or chocolate and lick it off of me? I don't mind if you use your teeth a bit - and please don't forget to spray a bit of cream on my nipples too.

Blindfold me - or I'll blindfold you. Why not bring some ice or feathers into the mix?

Yes that's right. It's not ALL about me and my body. There are some things I'd like to do to yours too.

I want to lick that curve down your pelvis to your cock and suck and lick until your eyes roll back in your head and you lose the capability for all coherent thought. I want to climb on top of you and clamp my cunt on your rock hard erection. I want to give it a fast relentless ride until we're covered in sweat and transported to a realm of erotic ecstasy.

And maybe, why don't you bring along a friend? I can handle having two men worship and pleasure me at once.

Did I leave anything out?
Any takers?


Dara's Diary of Desires said...

Wow...very nicely put! Sign me up for all that, too! That has my mind swirling with images...Thank You!

Aurore said...

Well that's certainly spelling it out ;) I'm certain you will have no problem finding someone to take you up on any and all of that!

Anonymous said...

Could you please be more specific? It's not clear to me what you want. ;)

Very nicely written.

J. Davis said...

There must be a FEW other things you can add to that list...that sounds like the appetizer. What's on the menu for the main course? lol... Love your musings!

Topaz said...

Tell this to any man who asks you that question next and he's sure to jump you. And you can use this to weed out the weak and timid early on!

P. said...

Where is the sign up sheet?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Very descriptive list. Nice.

max said...

yes to all of the above. yes, yes, yessssssss.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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