Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sex Party On!

The second item in my surprise package from Christina at was a DVD: Nina Hartley's Guide to the Ultimate Sex Party

Here are the deets from the website:
For all the party people in the house... Learn how to throw your own orgasmic get-together as Nina explains how to make the rules, choose the guests and create games that everyone can win. Nina demonstrates two sexy scenarios with her playful pals that can help bring this favorite fantasy to life! DVD features motion menus, bonus sex scene, a photo gallery, and trailers. Also included are an interview with Nina, behind-the scenes, and web info. Produced with Dolby Digital sound, this movie is 86 minutes long and features Byron Long, Alec Knight, TJ Hart, Chris Cannon, Sandra Romain, Adrianna Nicole, Vicky Vette, Mika Tan, and Evan Stone in addition to Nina Hartley. Let Nina guide you into the most Ultimate Sex Party ever! PRICE:$24.95

Now I have to say, I was surprised when I actually began watching this. I had never heard of Nina Hartley, and didn't know that she has done quite a series of instructional DVDs. Lovely.

I actually thought that I was just going to be watching some porn with a bunch of group sex. Not at all. Well...not only that anyhow.

She actually goes through the logistics of planning out a sex party with you. This is a topic I had never really put much thought into - mostly just in the realm of fantasy fodder - never actually considering what such a soiree would entail.

The Mediocre
I will say that the "instructional" part of the video was rather stilted. She had a friend with her, and they both kind of sounded like they were reading from cue cards. It wasn't a natural sounding conversation.

And the camera work? Well, it too could have been a bit more smooth. At times I found the changes/transitions to be a bit jarring.

The Instructions:
As for the content of the discussion? It gave some interesting insights into how a "sex party" could actually be put together.
She focussed a lot of safety: both physical (i.e. condoms, don't get too drunk, gloves, pre-testing for STDs etc) and emotional (be careful of past histories, compatibility, and respecting people's
She also got into mundane little details such as having towels there (sex is sweaty work!), refreshments, etc.

The Party:
She then put together two "parties."
The first was with her and 3 other men, and one woman. This was a more light-hearted, fun kind of event.
The second party was one man with 4 women. This was a much ranchier party, more intense.
The parties demonstrated how a group of 5 people could play with each other using a variety of toys, oral and penetration with no one feeling neglected.

Of course some of the positions they got into would be impossible unless you're a porn star. With some of them I could barely understand what all was happening. It was fun and sort of amazing to watch though.

All in all, I would say this was one of the more interesting products I've been given to review.
If you have any curiosity about "group" events, or if you're planning a party like this yourself, I say it's worth checking out.

Duchess rating: 3 stars out of 5


Aurore said...

See now between Topaz's Camp and Kimberly's Dirty Bloggers' Night Out we should be able to around up enough people for something like this ;)

Topaz said...

Haha! I second Aurore there... now we need a location and plane tickets...

The Panserbjørne said...

You're not familiar with Nina? That's odd. She's a legend in the porn world...and is also the very definition of a woman who's aging gracefully. She looks fantastic.

This sounds like an interesting DVD -- not that I'm going to be using it anytime soon. My partner's not the sort to go for this kind of thing. :)

-- PB

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